Can You Get Colored Contacts Without a Prescription?

No Prescription Colored Contacts

Colored contact lenses are suitable for a number of reasons. Occasionally you want to enhance the natural coloring of your eyes. This is quickly accomplished using a color contact that is a couple of shades deeper than your natural color. You can also apply tinted contacts to totally transform your eyes. Change them from blue to hazel or hazel can look great on lots of people – especially people with darker skin. By using them, you can change your eye color and coordinate them with your wardrobe.

There are so many reasons that you could use color contacts. They are great to use on a long term or one off basis. Of course, they are superb for parties, or every other event when you would like to look just more striking.

Sure, you may be able get colored contacts without a prescription, but it is very difficult, potentially illegal and you cannot be assured that they will not damage your eyes. Many people today want colored contacts to change their eye color and to make a fun and exciting fashion statement. Match your outfit and mood; these contacts will help you do that.

Getting no prescription colored contact lenses is not that difficult if you have a prescription from your eye doctor. That prescription is easy to get, not very expensive and even allows you to order free samples of color contact lenses. Knowing how to order those free samples is as easy as reading information at

Obtain Colored Contact Lenses

non-prescript1You are able to obtain colored contact lenses in the same manner as just about any other variety of lens. Whether you are getting cosmetic contact lenses or prescribed contact lenses, you should to start with have an eye examination to find out the exact form and size of lens that you require. As soon as you know that information, you could buy the contacts from an eye specialist, or you can go online.

Getting contacts on the net frequently results in a lot less costly pricing. To order online, you simply select the lens supplier, pick the color that you want, and then fill in the prescription info to make sure that you obtain the correct size and shape of lens. Contacts ordered online will probably be shipped directly to you, and usually turn up quickly. You may even be able to get free contact lenses to try. For those who don’t need vision correction; cosmetic contacts let you experience the exciting benefits of changing your look without affecting your eyesight.

Colored Contact Lenses for Halloween

The Perfect Accessory to Complete Your Costume

Halloween contacts are a great way to complete your Halloween costume. Bizarre effect contact lenses certainly supply your appearance that extra which will make your attire absolutely unforgettable. Many people out there are also using special effect or Halloween costume lenses for fun, not simply for Halloween.

The desire of a huge number of young people to look like the characters from the Twilight movies make Twilight related contacts incredibly trendy. Stunning vibrant blue lenses, sometimes referred to as “Angelic” are among the most in-demand lenses month in month out. Yet another fun party contact lens is a type of special effect contact lens that glows in black light. These kinds of “party” contacts come in blue, pink, yellow and green. They are perfect colored contacts for clubs and parties.

Are Prescriptions Needed for Colored Contact Lenses?

How Easy is it?

non-prescript2Before you think you can just go on-line and order colored contact lenses, you need to stop. Many stores on line or in your area require a prescription for non corrective colored contact lenses. This is so you do not injure your eye by purchasing the wrong size contacts. Make an appointment with your eye doctor and get the prescription for the contacts. A few will sell colored contacts without a prescription. They consider these cosmetic colored contact lenses.

So to get color contacts, you do need to see a licensed optometrist and get a prescription from them. It’s the law. Retailers in the United States cannot sell you contact lenses – of any kind – unless you present a prescription to them. This is true even if you do not need any kind of vision correction. Contacts are contacts.

Making an appointment is simple and easy. You will have to pay for it and it might cost between $75 and $100 for the appointment but you only need one once a year to have an up to date contact lens prescription. Call a local place and explain that you want an appointment to get fitted for color contact lenses. To save money, consider a local department store that has an optical department (check out Wal-Mart’s optical department – places like that). At the appointment, they will check your vision to see if you happen to need vision correction. This is fine. If you do, your eyes will thank you for it. You will walk out with the prescription.

You have your prescription and now the fun part begins. You can buy a variety of color contacts. If you want to enhance your eye color or totally change the color, you can find the right contact. People will often change the color of their eyes to match their outfit. You can go from blue to green or brown to hazel. You can even purchase special Halloween contact to match your costume. There are Dracula contacts, orange, cat eyes and zombie contacts.

Getting contacts without a prescription is something many people are asking about since they want to change the color of their eyes – be it just an enhancement or something more dramatic.

Colored Contacts Online

Finding Color Contact Lens Retailers

You can find a variety of styles on the Internet. You simply provide the prescription if necessary and choose the styles you want. They can cost anywhere from twenty five and over for the lenses. There is also a large selection of designer lenses. These lenses tend to cost more and they are based on the latest trends of celebrities.

You can purchase solid eye changing colors or enhancements. There are pretty wild ones like soccer contacts, Disney contacts as well as ones, which add gold shimmering colors and sparkles. The choices are amazing. The contacts are disposable and can last up to two to three months. Some folks change their eye color based on the occasion and whim.

The internet is certainly the right place to get bargain color contact lenses. By using the Internet you can find brand names at great price, but buying lenses online also can save you time and trouble. You will find many virtual stores offering the identical product at substantially cheaper prices compared to the eye doctor or local opticians.

Free Samples of Colored Contact Lenses

Trial Lenses Can Save You a Bundle!

Before you go out and buy a pair of cosmetic contact lenses, you should take advantage of all the offers for free sample contact lenses that are available to you. Many manufacturers will supply you with trial contact lenses so that they can send you their brand to see if you like them. They find this is better for them than spending lots of money on advertising on TV or radio.

Simply look for the free colored contact lens samples online. Go to the websites of contact lens manufacturers like Freshlook and Acuvue. They will have offers there for the free trials. Fill out the form, print the coupon and do what it says. Sometimes you will need to take it in with you to your appointment, while other times, you can just supply them with your valid prescription. Your lenses will arrive shortly in the mail and you will be able to try them out. Get different colors from different lens manufacturers to see which brand and which colors you like the best.

Consider Colored Contact Lenses

If you love looking your best, and always want to match, then you have to consider the color of your eyes along with the attire you are wearing. Today, consumers can order color contacts without a prescription, in order to give them that perfect look they want to get. You will find that the right contacts can really make a difference in your look when you go with the right color, to match your favorite outfit. These kinds of contacts come in a variety of colors, and shade variations, so you can really get any look you are going for, and match perfectly, no matter what you are wearing.

When choosing where to order your colored contact lenses, you have to make sure to order from a reliable company. With so many places you can order from, you may want to find a company which may offer a free trial, just so that you can try out the feel of the contacts, and whether or not they are comfortable enough for you to be wearing on a daily basis. You will eventually find the right company for you, but you do have to try a couple different lenses, before you find the right ones for you.

So, if you are looking to match your hairstyle, makeup, shoes, and the perfect new dress, right along with your eyes, thanks to colored contacts, which can be ordered without a prescription, you can do so. No matter what color you want to find, and no matter what variation on a particular color you are looking for, you can easily find that color on one of the several sites out there on the web, which offer these contacts for sale to the general public. So, before buying the wrong color, make sure to shop around for the best possible fit.

You are going to find your favorite retailers of colored contacts without prescription very quickly. After a couple orders, and finding the company that carries the colors you love, and still makes a contact lens that feels great, you will learn which retailers to purchase from for later orders. So, no matter what look you are going for, or if you just want to change up your face for a day or two, then you are going to want to consider these lens. Not only do they come in every color variation, but customers are not required to have a prescription to order them either (depending on where they live), so anyone who wants these great colored lenses, can order their pair today.

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