Free Sample Colored Contact Lenses

Free Contact Lens Samples

It’s amazing what you can get free samples of today. There are offers out there for many things that you can get for free. What advertisers find is that if they can get their product into your hands, you’ll get to try it and they believe that you will like it and then stick to their brand. It’s all about brand loyalty. So what contact lens manufacturers find is that this works very well with contacts. Getting free contact lenses is pretty simple.

Why Not Free Samples of Contact Lenses?

If you currently wear contacts or even if you don’t, you can get free sample contacts. If you wear them already, then all you need to do is ask for them the next time you place your order but you need to have a current prescription. As long as it’s less than a year since you had your prescription made, yours is valid.

Colored Contacts Without Prescription

free-contact-lens-samplePeople who want colored contacts may be wondering if they can get colored contacts without prescription and that’s not really the case even though they will be non-corrective. In some places, you can get free color contact lenses samples without prescription but it will depend on where you live.

If you do not need corrective lenses, then you can free samples of color contact lenses. For them, you will actually need a prescription so that the eye doctor can take measurements of your eyes, like the base curve.

The first step is to find the contact lens rebate offers that are available. You can find them on the websites of contact lens manufacturers, so look for links to them or go there and find these free sample offers.

Next, see your eye doctor if you need to and get a prescription or get it updated. This is a good thing to do since your eyes are very important.

Free Colored Contacts Sample

Free Eye Contact Lenses Samples for Everyone!

Whether you are looking to intensify your beauty or try something different with the way you look, a free colored contacts sample can be an excellent start. Why do is this true? Well, with each different color, comes a different look and mood for your wardrobe. A new set of eyes can make you look so brand new, your friends will be absolutely jealous. They won’t be jealous of just how great you look, but they be jealous that you were able to obtain your look for free.

What’s the Catch?

However, there is one tiny catch to getting a free colored contacts sample. The catch is that you must obtain a prescription before you can get a pair. This is not true for all manufacturers, but it is the law in the US, Canada, and the UK. It has been proven that when your eyes are exposed to the wrong type of lenses, it can cause serious problems with your eyes. This is true even if you’ve always had perfect vision. This is why it is not safe to buy from suppliers who don’t require you to have a prescription.

When you visit your eye doctor for a prescription to receive a color contacts sample, you can expect him/her to do a full exam. This will determine whether your eyes are healthy enough to wear color contacts without vision correction. At this time, you will also get fitted for the right size lens. Buying lenses that are specifically measured to fit your eyes can be dangerous, especially if you’re a frequent driver.

Improper lenses can become uncomfortable to wear and most of them are hard to see out of. There’s no need to sacrifice your vision when there are plenty of reputable companies willing to give you a fee sample to try. All you need is a prescription and once you have it, it’s good for up to a year. So, what do you have to lose?

Soon, you’ll be enjoying your free sample colored contact lenses.

Coloured Contact Lense Samples

cropped-contact-lenseWould you like to have an instant makeover that will update your look? There are many ways to do this, but one way to adjust your look is to accessorize your eyes for that enchanting new look that you have been wanting for the New Year. Several manufacturers will supply you with free samples of coloured contacts. There are so many coloured contact lense samples to choose from. Let’s take a look!

If you are thinking of completely changing your eye color, you need to look for opaque colored contact lenses. These particular lenses have color tints that are made up of solid color rather than translucent colors. These lenses are especially for dark coloured eyes. The solid form of these lenses will completely be able to cover your original eye colour. If you have light coloured eyes, you may want to choose a translucent lense that will illuminate your natural eye, instead of completely changing your eye colour. This look will definitely add intense beauty to your new look. Translucent coloured contacts contains color but they allow the natural eye color to show through the lenses.

If you have light eye colour, then enhancers are the perfect choice for you. The lenses enhance and silhouette you eyes to bring out their natural beauty. The pearlescent is also a popular or common style of contact lens that brightens your eyes and adds sparkles to the natural colour of your eyes. Some of the more common colours are blue, green, gray, violet, honey/topaz, and brown. The special effect styles are sexy, cat eye, vampire, hand painted, scleral, glow in the dark and many more. There are contacts that add gold shimmers and shine to your own natural eye colour. There is a very unique lense that is absolutely clear with an outer dark ring that gives your eyes more definition.

If you are outdoors a lot playing sports or even working, there is a way to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Sports contact lenses with UV protection that filter the light and cuts out the glare from your eyes. These special leses are like built-in sunglasses. These lenses, as well as all contact lenses are FDA approved. The special effect lenses last for many years with proper care and handling. Coloured contact lenses come in three different forms: visibility, enhancement and opaque colour tints. Many of these different lenses are available for people that have astigmatism, have need of bifocals, or just want to change their look. You can choose from your favourite colour and style that fit the specific makeover that you desire!

You need to have your eyes examined by a professional to see if you are in need of a prescription. Make your selection today and choose the perfect coloured contact lense samples that you want!! You will be very pleased with all of the varieties that you have to choose from. So if you want definition, gold shimmers, complete colour change, wild, sexy, or even scary eyes; you can have exactly what you want. Go for non prescription coloured contacts.

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