Best Fast Phone Charger – iPhone or Android (2x as Fast)

Fast Phone Charger - iPhone/AndroidThis is now my main phone charger and I’ll tell you why…

My mom stayed at my place recently and she needed to charge her iPhone. I found my travel charger and gave it to her.

A little while later, she gave it back to me with a big smile on her face.

I wondered what was going on.

She was surprised at how fast that charger worked and wondered where I got it. I told her that it chargers at 2.4 amps, while the basic charger she has at home (which came with her phone) just charges at 1 amp – that’s over twice as fast.

She also said how she was shocked at how small it was and how it had two USB ports on it. I said it would be good when she travels… so I gave it to her.

She was very happy to now have a FAST charger.

And since she reminded me about how fast that charger really is, I went and bought two more of them.

I now have one for home (as my main charger) and one for travel. The fold-in plug makes it compact, so it doesn’t take up much room and can easily fit in my backpack.

Having two USB plugs is very handy for when you travel and need to charge your phone and your headphones at the same time. No longer do you have to keep switching them.

Having this charger is even better than bringing along a power bank, so WAY less bulk.

What’s also cool is the light on it. It tells you when there’s power going through it (which is helpful) but it can also act as a night light so it’s easy to find where your phone is in the middle of the night… or even when you’re trying to find the bathroom in a hotel room.

And, speaking of charging at night, I told my mom she can charge her phone overnight without worrying about overcharging it because modern phones know to stop charging when the battery is fully charged.

Plus, with this charger, you don’t have to worry about WHERE you plug it in (even worldwide) because it has protections built-in like:

  • Overcurrent
  • Overvoltage
  • Overtemperature
  • Short circuit protection

Just imagine not having to worry about those things. I felt good giving my mom a safe charger.

There are also lots of great reviews (4.5 out of 5 stars) and they have a money-back guarantee, so there’s NO RISK in buying it.

My mom even bought another one to have at home and then gave one to her sister as well.

It kind of went viral… wow.

This also reminds me of my friend, Jason, who always plugs his phone in. Power is like his lifeline or something. I’m going to give him one of these chargers, too.

Go buy one or two now and start enjoying faster charging in your life.

Oh, and check this out, too:

What it does is make sure that when you plug your phone in, it’s only allowing power through – not data.


A hacker could also have their phone plugged in near yours, trying to hack your phone while you’re charging. EVERYONE needs one of these.

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