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Buffway Minimalist Wallet Review

I did some testing and found a wallet that’s great for men (and women) if they want a thinner wallet in their pocket. The one I really like is this one, the Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Leather Wallets for Men & Women.

Here’s my video review – both before and after my 1 week trial:

What I Like

You can see that it’s a lot thinner than my old, bulky leather wallet. I have the same amount of cards and cash but it’s maybe half the size. I’m able to easily carry it in my pocket.

I thought getting cards out of it would be a hassle but it wasn’t at all. Cards are in tight enough but come out easily.

You can fit quite a lot in it. Here’s what I have in it now and in the video:

  • $45 cash
  • 1 driver’s license
  • 5 credit/debit cards
  • 2 store rewards cards
  • 2 health insurance cards
  • 5 business cards

That’s not bad. Add on top of it that you get RFID protection and this will be the wallet I’ll use for a long time.

What I Don’t Like (Not Much at All)

The only negative thing about this wallet is that if you want to pay in cash, you have to take out the whole wad of cash. It’s folded in half, so you have to take all the money out and then count it in front of the cashier. With a regular wallet – my previous one, I was able to count the money inside the wallet and only really pull out what was necessary. This way, people don’t see how much money you’re carrying.

Since today, we all pay for things mostly with credit and debit cards, I found that I didn’t have to take out the cash much at all.

PayPal Cash Back Debit Card

I use my PayPal cash back debit card a lot because I get 1% back on purchases and it comes right out of my checking account (just credit purchases, not debit). Another nice thing about that card is that charges don’t hit your checking account for 2 days if you go with credit. This is handy because I usually balance my checking account every 1-2 days. I put into Quicken the charges I know are coming and I don’t see the authorizations like the $1.00 charges at gas stations. I just see the final amount in 2 days usually.

Plus, you get 1% back, which is like a free dinner a month for really not doing anything different… not bad!

OK, this doesn’t have a lot to do with the wallet but I like finding ways for people to save money or make money, so I thought it was a good tip to put in.


This minimalist/thin wallet comes in a big variety of materials and colors. It should hold all you need. It’s not expensive at all. You also get features like RFID protection, which is great because it blocks people from trying to scan and retrieve your information off your credit cards.

You can have it in your back or front pocket. I found it takes up about half the room, which makes you more comfortable. It’s made from genuine leather and it’s for men or women. You’ll have more pockets and places to put your wallet if you use this wallet.

They say it can hold up to 12 cards. some business cards, and some cash. I was able to easily get 10 into it and it’s easy to get cards out when you need to. There’s a favorite card slot, which has a finger hole so you can push that card out.

The company gives a 12-month, free replacement guarantee.

Do you have a cell phone case that also a wallet?

If so, have you ever left it somewhere because it’s so bulky? You take it out of your pocket and now not only is your phone left somewhere but all your cash and credit cards as well. That’s not a good solution if you ask me. Eliminate that risk!

Get the Buffway Slim Minimalist Front Pocket RFID Blocking Leather Wallets for Men & Women today!

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