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Have You Tried SmartWool Socks?

You might think that wool is itchy and just for cold weather and you would be wrong. With Merino wool, there’s no itch and you can even wear them in the summer to keep your feet dry and feeling good.

Why SmartWool?

SmartWool PhD socks are specially designed for specific sports and have an extra layer of wool that helps protect the most vulnerable areas of the foot from injury. Many athletes experience injuries to the heel, ball of the foot and bottom of the big toe, which these socks help to prevent by increasing the amount of shock that is absorbed by the socks.

The main benefits of SmartWool socks are:

  • Odor causing bacteria is controlled since the merino wool manages moisture (helps you feet not to stink)
  • Merino wool is durable and can withstand 30,000 stretches (that’s a lot)
  • Dirt and dust can’t penetrate the wool so your feet stay cleaner
  • Because of the wool’s fiber strength, the wool is water repellent
  • You don’t get the normal wool itch because the fibers of merino wool stretch and conform to your feet instead of poking your feet

Another feature that makes Smartwool PhD socks desirable is their 4-degree fit comfort system. These socks are designed with compression bands that not only provide a comfortable fit but also keep your socks from sliding around on your feet. These bands are located around the arch, heel and instep.

Smartwool socks also help regulate the temperature of your feet, keeping them from getting too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. This also helps keep your feet cool while you are working out or participating in sports activities. Smartwool socks incorporate moisture-wicking technology, which helps keep your socks dry by allowing moisture to move through the sock so that it can evaporate into the air.

Odor Control Included

Odor control is one of the best features of Smartwool socks. The moisture-wicking properties of these socks keep your sweat from forming a liquid because it is wicked away while still in vapor form. This prevents buildup of sweat in the socks, which is what leads to smelly socks.

SmartWool Socks Clearance Sale

Smartwool has many desirable features that provide outstanding comfort and durability, but the price of these socks is usually quite high, so it’s no wonder you want to shop around for a better deal. However, whatever price you end up paying for your Smartwool socks, you’ll enjoy wearing them every single day.

Although you’ll have a hard time finding truly cheap Smartwool socks, you can save money by locating a retailer that sells them for less than the suggested retail price. You can’t expect to buy socks with this many features for the price of a typical pair of socks, but it’s worth paying more for Smartwool socks.

You should get on the mailing lists of some outerwear companies websites. They will often alert you of special sales that they have going on. I recently got 25% off because they emailed me.

SmartWool Socks Size Chart

SmartWool Sock Sizing
Shoe Size
U.S.A. U. K. Euro
Sock Size Children Women Men
Small 9 – 11.5 4 – 6.5 2 – 4.5 34 – 37
Medium 12 – 2.5 7 – 9.5 6 – 8.5 5 – 7.5 38 – 41
Large 3 – 6 10 – 12.5 9 – 11.5 8 – 10.5 42 – 45
X-Large 12 – 14.5 11 – 13.5 46 – 49

Smartwool socks are legendary in quality at any time; but when there is a Smartwool sock clearance, it’s an opportunity not to be missed. The wool for these socks comes from New Zealand’s merino sheep who produce the softest and finest available. This eliminates the itchy, scratchy feeling associated with most wool, while keeping the best features. These socks keep feet warmer in winter and cooler in summer, just like fleece does for the sheep. Sweat and other moisture is wicked away from the body, which reduces clamminess and odor.

But Smartwool doesn’t stop there. Untreated wool usually shrinks in the washing and drying process, so it is treated to avoid these negative side effects. Nylon is added for reinforcement and additional strength, and Spandex elastic is added to help socks stay up without bunching. Because the fit stays uniform, the socks are long-lasting and comfortable. In addition, the weight, cushioning, and reinforcing bands are tailored to the uses to which the socks will be put, and the season of the year in which they will be worn. Socks meant to be used for summer hiking will be made differently than those used for winter skiing.

Yes, Skiing!

Merino wools socks are great for skiing. What’s best to do is get a sock that is not too thin but not too thick either – about the middle. People even have a variety of thicknesses of ski socks and then they choose which kind to wear based on the weather that day. A thicker pair of ski socks (if you can get them into your boots) can provide you with an extra layer of padding on your feet – to have more comfort while skiing – plus they are helping to keep your feet dry, too.

Wearing Wool Socks

Style isn’t neglected either. Wool socks don’t have to be a dull gray or brown. Smartwool socks come in a wide variety of solid colors like tomato, orchid and grasshopper, as well as stripes, plaid, Fair Isle and other patterns. They range from lightweight, under the ankle micro length for exercise, running or cycling, to heavy, padded, over the calf length for hunting, snowboarding or mountaineering. Features like venting, cushioning under the arch or at the Achille’s tendon, and flat-knit toe seams distinguish the individual styles and uses of the socks, providing ventilation, warmth, support, or blister prevention as needed. There are sizes for men, women and children.

A Smartwool socks clearance sale occurs when the retailer chooses to have it–often at the end of a season. The socks available from a particular retailer will probably be limited in style, color or size, but by checking out different stores, you are more likely to find what you are looking for. Typically the clearance will be 25% to 50% off the regular price. There are a few online retailers who carry seconds at even greater discounts, but they will have some defects, usually minor. The clearance items can be found at both online and neighborhood stores. Reading reviews of the different styles will give you a good idea of their value.

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