Tips for Picking Out Cool Handbags

Women know that to make any outfit work and feel good, the right handbag is needed. That’s why most women have either a small or sometimes a large collection of handbags to choose from. The right hand bag is needed to go with a new pair of shoes or even a new color of nail polish. It’s not only the color that matters, getting the right texture and style is also important.

When looking for a cool handbag, you have to first make an important decision. You should decide if you want to just blend in or if you want something different so that you will stand out. Many women will opt to stand out and make an impression when choosing a handbag.

Unique Handbags Are Always Cool

Next, you want to find the right place to buy your handbag. Going with the handbag that anyone can just pick up at the big, chain department store is not what most women want. They want the one-of-a-kind style that’s hard to find and one where they won’t reveal where it was purchased from for fear that everyone will soon have that same handbag.

So it’s up to you to do your own research to find one that’s unique, stylish, the right color, the right texture, the right size, right shape and one that fits who you are.

That’s quite a lot to ask of a handbag, but rest assured that you will find the coolest handbag that takes care of all of these things. It will just take a little bit of research, which is simple to do with just a little bit of searching on the Web, which you’re doing now.

It’s good to first know what size of bag suits you the best before you start searching online. Find your favorite handbag and take some measurements of it. Find out the length of the bag along with the length of the straps. You want one that hangs at the right length from your shoulder. It should be in a comfortable place for you. You could try to make that adjustment yourself when your order comes in, if you are so inclined, but most people think it’s best to not have to deal with that later and instead get the right sized shoulder straps to begin with.

Some important features to think about besides the shape and size are things like how the compartments work and how you open and close it. Maybe you like a buckle or a zipper – or both. If you use your cell phone a lot, then having one with a mobile phone compartment will be a feature you will want to have on your list.

Are “Cool” Handbags the Way to Go?

Know that cool handbags have to do with both style and functionality. You don’t want a purse to be uncomfortable when you’re wearing it or make it not easy to get something out of when you really need to. It should hang comfortably and be made of the right material that will last a long time – or at least until the next latest, greatest style comes out, right?

Steps on How to Find the Perfect Purse

There’s a lot of thought that has to go into finding the ideal purse; sometimes, you just get lucky and manage to find the most perfect pocketbook by complete chance, but other times, all you know is you are in dire need of a new purse.

Depending on the manufacturer from whom you buy said purse, you could be spending a few hundred bucks on a handbag, so it’s a wise idea to decide in advance precisely what kind of purse you’re looking for, what your budget is, if you want the satchel to match a certain outfit or be an everyday purse, or if there’s a particular designer whose creation you have in mind. Remember, your handbag says a lot about who you are.

Here are a few bits of advice and info as far as choosing the bag that’s right for you:

1. Do you need to know exactly where everything is in your purse?

Or do you just throw everything into a bag and go on your way?


If you need organization, consider a bag with some interior pockets. This way, you won’t have to tip out the contents of your purse every time you can’t find something.

If you prefer the piling “Katamari method,” you can find yourself an oversized pocketbook; we suggest a red handbag so, out of all the things you carry with you, the bag will be the easiest to find.

2. Where do you plan to take your purse?

leather clutch handbag

If you intend to travel, an oversized bag would almost certainly be best if you want something smaller than a suitcase, but larger than a thimble. Just going to typical places, like to work or the grocery store? A classic medium-sized purse will be your best choice…not too small, but not too big.

If you’re going to a party, we suggest a clutch bag. These are small, slender, lightweight and stylish; they can carry the very essentials for party attendance without slowing you down.

3. How do you want to portray yourself to others?


Sometimes, the purse you choose can give an impression in business; a bank will not hire someone who comes in with a Hello Kitty purse. A bag for the professional lady should look sleek and stylish, but also strong; a black or brown leather classic-style handbag is a good selection for the career woman.

Do you want to be a fun kind of stylish? Juicy Couture appeals to the young and the trendy with cool designs. Crocheted bags look very rustic; if you like them, you can get o r make one, but people will think you’re a hick or too cheap to buy a “real” bag.

4. Color… think about color


Shades that do not flatter you in clothing will continue to not flatter you in purses. If yellow is just not your color, don’t buy a yellow purse unless you absolutely have fallen in love with a yellow purse and you want to marry it and have a bunch of little change purses with it.

Subdued colors like blacks, browns, and dark blues will say “I’m into the classics,” while brighter colors will shout, “Hey, look at me!” A bag made out of glass and with razor accents will make someone say, “I’ll give you ten dollars if you put that under my boss’ car tire.”

5. Do you just want any old purse, or is there a particular designer whose wares you seek?


If your choice is the former, just go to any store like Kmart or Wal-Mart, or even the thrift store, and find something there. If you’re looking to spend a bit mo re for a nicer model, some of the most popular designer purses come from Prada, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Gucci, Guess, and Ralph Lauren.

Sometimes, you can earn brownie points with the local fashion gurus by sporting a designer handbag; for many, it’s totally worth spending a whole paycheck on a pocketbook to be popular, whether said person is fifteen or fifty.


Hopefully, with these tips, you’re on you way to choosing the coolest handbag that fits you. You should compliment your bag and it should compliment you. Good luck with your search for the coolest handbag!

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