How to Drive a Brand New Car for Free


There are programs available through which you can drive a brand new car for free, or get paid to drive your own car. Usually the only restrictions are that you are at least 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license. Some companies will filter applicants based on driving history so any incidences may affect your eligibility.

The best way to search for anything these days is on the Internet. This is where you will start to research the companies behind these free car programs and the exact inner-workings of this advertising strategy. You can find the companies offering the programs, weed out the scams and illegitimate directories, and finalize your application all online. Thoroughly compare the programs available by different companies and apply to more than one. Remember if they ask for money for applications, it’s probably a good idea to avoid. You don’t need to put up any money to get started, except if you decide to pay for directory listings which can be a good idea.

Getting Started Towards a Free Car

The first step to getting started in the free car or paid to drive programs is doing your own research. Find a number of companies out there and look through some reviews. Geography plays a role so it’s important you find some that are specific to your area.

Free Car Directories – Good or Bad?

Ultimately it makes more sense to pay for a free car ad company directory that has a huge list of advertisers and will let you sort through them as you please. Fortunately for you, having already found a couple and researched them on your own, you are protecting yourself with a little extra knowledge before jumping into the teeth of the shark. We will have a list of what we consider the better directories in the near future.

blue-carUsually there is a one time charge for the service and it’s usually low cost, around $30. More reputable companies offer a 90-day money back satisfaction guarantee. The quality between the different companies varies widely and it makes a huge difference in finding a good company. The guarantee is a little protection in case the directory turns out to be shoddy. It’s also important that the company has a reputation for holding up to its guarantee.

Some free car directory companies offer additional services such as help with the application process, or premium or priority listings. Most of these upgrades are just additional ways for you to give them your money and you will get little benefit from the upgrades. Just pay for the directory as that is all you will need.

Your Application

When the time comes to fill out your application, don’t try to say what you think they want to hear. What they want are normal people going about their normal lives. Don’t say you drive 2500 miles a month when you only drive 250. Most companies will monitor your driving after you are accepted but will also check your information before accepting you into the program.

If this is something you really want to do, there is little investment getting an application out here and there. The payoff can be quite nice since the income is technically passive. You’re not asked to do much beyond what you already do. Just do it with a bright banner everywhere you drive your free car. Did I mention more chances than not, it will be a brand new car.

Be Careful!

steering-wheel1Through all the words of caution, as a person should be cautious at all times anyways, some may think this is all too good to be true. In fact, it’s very real and there is nothing deceptive. To the companies involved, your car or you driving a provided car is a valuable channel for advertising. It’s another way for them to get the message out. Usually, it is not directly the company selling the product or service who manages these advertisement campaigns but third party marketing/advertising media companies hired by the product or service providers.

Begin by taking your current situation into consideration. How much do you drive and what areas you drive through has a direct impact on how valuable you can be to the advertisers. Decide whether you are focused on trying to get a free car, or want to get paid to drive your own car. As long as you don’t mind being a billboard on wheels, this can be a very nice additional income stream.

How Long Do You Need to Be In the Program?

The duration of your participation in the program depends on the agreement between you and the company. Usually if it works out well, you can renew your participation in the program with the current company or you can look for another program by the same company or the same program by a different company. The rules are usually simple, keep the car clean and don’t hit anything with it.

Other Ways to Get a Free Car

There actually is another way to get a free car that we don’t talk about on this blog. Some companies will give out free cars to people in order to test them, just like all other products. The reason this method is not discussed is the rarity of being part of such a program. Usually they are confined to people who work for the company, or friends of people who work for the company. Trust me, there is no shortage of people willing to test fancy new toys much less pass up a free car even for a temporary period of time.

Test Drive Cars

car-keys-womanThe best way to get into these programs to test cars, or get free anything for the matter would be to look online. The websites of the parent companies of TV shows and magazines tend to be your best bet. Still, it would help if you were a writer of an acclaimed press company or somehow involved in the media industry with more than the laughably small readership.

Cars With Advertising Wraps

The next way to go, which is what we focus on helping people with, isn’t really free but does get you a car without costing you any money. That is advertising with your car. You can either get paid by companies who want to put banners and ads on your car, or some will even give you one of their cars.

The only downside is obvious. Driving with loud screaming ads on your car isn’t something most people would want if they could help it. And since these ads are designed to grab attention, you can feel pretty silly driving such a thing.

There sometimes is the system of mounting a banner to your car in which case there may be holes drilled to mount the frame, although this is usually not the case when it comes to putting ads on a privately owned vehicle.

Another problem to watch out for is getting scammed by fakers. Since the idea itself sounds too good to be true for some people, there are always people out there ready to take advantage of people who want in on something very few people know about. Be sure to research a company carefully before making any commitments. Never pay to for applications or registration. The idea is that the companies will pay you, not the other way around.

Once You Get Your Car

Once you have decided to try a free car or paid to drive programs, the next step can be quite a challenge if you don’t know where to start looking for reputable online directories or advertising companies that offers these programs. Here are a few companies you should look at to point you in the right direction.

Free Car Index
For residents of the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, and Australia, this company maintains a huge list of sponsor companies that offer to pay people to drive cars. The total number of new cars available from the different companies listed is estimated at around 100,000 advertisement wrapped vehicles. There is also a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

The Free Car
When you go onto their site, they offer a free car finder feature that lets users check for advertisers in the area before paying for the service. They also offer a money-back guarantee and provide an online application process to help once you start applying to different companies in their directory.

Free Car Company
One thing that makes this a good place for starters is that the website has lots of pictures so you can see what the cars look like when covered in advertisements. You can also learn a lot more about how the programs works, testimonials, and FAQ.

For Free Cars
There aren’t many details on this company except that it offers a tool to search for any available advertisers locally, not unlike the tool provided by The Free Car, as well as a pretty inclusive FAQ page. There are also some bonuses to subscribers.

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