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Your health is important and your body performs the best when you eat well and get the exercise that you need. Learn how to manage pain, decrease soreness and have increased blood flow in your body – we all know that blood flow affects so many things.

Eischens Yoga

Roger Eischens is the creator and founder of High Energy Yoga, now renamed Eischens Yoga to honor his memory and his lifelong work and commitment to his students. It incorporates ideas from movement theory, kinesiology and Ayurveda and is highly accessible to all body types and experience levels. The focus of Eischens Yoga is on energetics of poses and effects created and is less concerned with achieving very complex, body-contorting poses.

Eischens Yoga is “High Energy Yoga” (HEY) or sometimes called “Functional Yoga.” The name Eischens Yoga is used to avoid the ambiguity of High Energy Yoga (which is frequently misunderstood) and at the same time pay respect to its founder, Roger Eischens, who passed away in December 2004.

Benefits of Eischens Yoga

  • Increased strength, suppleness and energy
  • Decreased muscle tension and pain
  • Decrease soreness related to overworking certain areas of the body
  • Improved alignment, balance, and ability to cope with stress
  • Greater results from relaxation or meditative practices
  • Have better posture, which makes every activity easier
  • Relieve pain and soreness
  • Activate and increase blood flow to the whole body
  • Align muscles and bones
  • Lose weight
  • Strengthen weak or under-activated areas of the body
  • Maintain or restore full range of motion and movement which helps to prevent injury
  • Ease pain related to stiff and tight muscles

Eischens Yoga is a great way to get your body back into alignment. There isn’t any meditation or chanting involved either. You do yoga poses and hold them. A DVD is a good way to experience how to do it because you do with the the instructors and you can choose different levels. If you choose the beginner level, you’ll be done in just 12 minutes. It’s very easy to just leave the DVD in your DVD player and do it every morning or evening.

Pain Treatment / Back Pain Relief

You can learn how to restore and revitalize your body like never before. Use this video to help your body learn how to heal itself. This is great for people who suffer from arthritis pain. You can get rid of back pain by just following the beginner level – just 12 minutes a day.

Eischens Yoga Promotes Strength and Balance

Eischens Yoga, also called High Energy Yoga (HEY), is a style of yoga developed by physical education instructor and atheltic coach Roger Eischens. Eischens developed a series of yoga poses based on his study of Aruveyda, movement theory and kineseology. Unlike other yoga styles that emphasize very complex and contorted body positions, Eischens Yoga concentrates on a series of poses that are easily achievable by a wide variety of students in a wide range of ages, including those with little experience with yoga practice.

The primary benefit of doing the poses developed by Eischens is to bring the body back into its proper alignment. Today’s sedentary and inactive way of life has caused many individuals to throw their body’s natural and healthy alignment out of whack. Poor posture, back pains, and assorted muscular aches and pains are the result. Eischens, very influenced by annual visits to India to study the Indian perspective of how the mind, body and spirit interrelate, developed his yoga poses to help strengthen weak muscles throughout the body and ultimately bring the body back into its best, highest and most natural healthy alignment.

Even beginner students who practice as little as 12 minutes a day notice numerous benefits from doing the suggested Eischens Yoga poses. These include a gradual strengthening of areas of the body that formerly tested weak, a loosening of muscles that feel stiff or tight, increased blood circulation throughout the body, an improvement in posture, elimination of muscle pain, tenderness and soreness, restoration of full body movement, a noticeable improvement in the body’s ability to balance and resist reacting to stressful situations, an increased ability to relax and benefit from meditation, as well as weight loss.

Students of Eischens especially notice the quick development of a stronger and more stable core of muscles, accompanied by the ability to enjoy a wider range of movement while walking or pursuing daily activities. A typical class consists of students being led by the instructor through a series of poses designed to not only balance the body but provide more access to energy.

Working with a partner is an important aspect of Eischens form of yoga, with two people partnering up as they continue to do poses in order for one partner to exert pressure on a part of the other partner’s body during a specific pose in order for the partner to resist and push against that pressure. This helps to develop formerly weak muscles and to activate energy centers in the body that were formally closed off.

Athletes are especially drawn to Eischens Yoga because it helps their bodies feel more comfortable and well balanced while pursuing their chosen sports activity such as bicycling or tennis.

Order the Eischens Yoga Training DVD

People have been asking the common question… how do you get rid of back, neck, knee, ankle, shoulder pain and simply make the whole body pain free, so you can feel better, younger, stronger and perform better?

The key to success has been the incredible ability to make the body “pain free” in just minutes a day! Now this same information is available to you as a DVD!

You will be clearly shown the 3 different levels of training so any level of person can enjoy and benefit from the techniques and knowledge within the Eischens Yoga DVD.

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    • marlene eischens
    • November 30, 2011

    How do I buy the eischens yoga dvd and how much is it?

    • Original Writer
    • November 30, 2011

    Thanks for the note. We’ve updated the Eischens Yoga DVD link above. It’s about $25.

    • claude Tellier
    • July 23, 2017

    I tried the link and unfortunately on the Amazon website a no results prompt comes up from the search. Do you have any suggestion where I can purchase either a video or a download. Many thanks.


    • Tony Herman
    • August 16, 2017

    Sorry, it seems to not be available there anymore. They actually didn’t pay me commissions they owed me, so I don’t think that favorably of them anymore.

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