The Main Advantages of Electronic Headphones on the Shooting Range


Should You Wear Gun Range Headphones?

Do you frequently find yourself on the shooting range? Then you will know just how important it is for ear protection, or you will at least have experienced ringing in the ears from listening to loud shots ringing out all day – even with the proper earmuffs.

Typically, the type of earmuffs made by well known brands such as Howard Leight have been plastic/rubber variants that have a lot of materials inside them in order to block out as much sound as possible.

The downside of this approach is that the wearer will find it difficult to hear what else is going on around him since traditional ear protectors block out ALL sound, so having a conversation or listening to something else can sometimes make time on the shooting range a lonely experience.

We shooting without hearing protection is dangerous – especially if you are in a range that’s indoors and there’s a lot of shooting going on.

shootingRange Headphones – Ear Phones for Shooting

This is part of the reason that newer electronic ear muffs are rapidly gaining in popularity, with models such as Howard Leight and Peltor flying off the shelves at shooting clubs everywhere.

Some of the benefits are that the wearer can hear what is going on all around them easily, with the electronic ear muffs being smart enough to only cut out the loud sounds such as gun shots and then returning hearing to the wearer immediately afterwords. Getting some small earphones for shooting can be safe if you use them correctly.

Shooting Range Headphones

It just makes sense to protect your hearing at a gun range when you are target shooting. The sound of a gun shot is very loud and sudden. Normal headphones won’t really give you the protection that you need. People prefer to combine ear protection with headphones because if your hearing is going to be blocked, why not listen to some music instead of listening to nothing?

Listening to music at the gun range can help calm you and make your shooting more accurate, too.

Why Protect Your Hearing?

Your hearing is important, obviously. Ear damage can take a while to heal and often, you’ll lose some hearing. As adults age, they loose parts of their hearing as well – some higher range noises cannot be heard anymore. There’s an app out that has a high pitches noise and they say only people under the age of 20 are able to hear it. So even at age 20, people start losing some of their hearing.

More Ways to Use Headphones

Other advantages are that audio devices can be plugged into the set so that the wearer can listen to their music while on the range, or perhaps catch up on what podcasts they have missed – this sure beats having to think about what else you have to do, like buy your wife a Herstyler curling iron for Christmas, or what is for dinner tonight.

These headphones also tend to fold up easily after use, so they are easy to store too. If you are sick of being on the shooting range and only being able to listen to your own thoughts, think about investing in some electronic ear protection and give it a whirl.

The best headphones for hearing protection are going to ones that fit your ears snugly and block out the most noise possible because this protects your hearing the best. Once you lose your hearing, you can’t get it back.

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    • January 5, 2021

    I’m looking for the older style where you can’t hear anything! Do you happen to know any particular models I can refer too?

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