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No Cost 30 Day Contact Lens Samples by Mail

One popular way now to change your appearance is with colored contacts. It is possible to get samples of colored contacts for free and they will be sent to you in the mail. We’ll explain this process in this article.

If you currently wear glasses or contact lenses or not, you may be interested in getting non corrective colored contacts. They’re easy to get and work just like normal contacts. There are many kinds of colors to get, which makes them fun. You can go for just a slight difference in eye color or try something more dramatic. Some people will even use colored contacts for their Halloween costume or for theatrical performances.

First, in order to get free contacts samples, you’ll need an up to date prescription from your eye doctor. Even if you don’t need vision correction, you’ll still need a prescription. It’s the law. Contacts are considered medical devices and you want the best fit so that they’re comfortable to wear and that’s what an appointment at your optometrist will do for you.Beautiful woman with blue contact lenses

Get a Sample of Colored Contact Lenses in the Mail

You’ll want to get in on the free contact lens offers or a free colored contacts sample that are available. There is a lot of competition for contact lenses, so what the manufacturers do is offer free sample contacts by mail so that you can try their brand. The good thing for you is that you get to see which brand works the best for you. When you’re getting samples of colored contacts by mail, you can order different colors from different brands and you’ll also get to see which color you like the best.

These sample contacts are good for 30 days usually. With that amount of time, you’ll be able to see how they work for you. Try one brand and one sample at a time so that you get the maximum benefit from each one and so they don’t expire on your.

What About Shipping?

As you look at the free sample offers and especially a free contacts trial by mail, check to see if there is free shipping included. Most offers for these free contact lenses will include free shipping but there may be some offers from some manufacturers that work differently. The only way you can know for sure is to check yourself.

If there is an offer you find that does need you to pay for the shipping, then think twice about the company that you’re ordering them from. But since your eye doctor will be ordering them for you, there really should be no reason why there would not be free shipping included.

To get these offers, go to the websites of manufacturers or look for offers for trial colored contact lenses. The most popular brands of colored contacts are from Acuvue, Durasoft Colors and Freshlook. You can go and find these certificates and rebates now. How it works is one of a few ways. One way is that you place your order and get your contacts by mail, you can get your rebate on them. Another is that you actually get them for free after presenting a coupon or certificate that you download or print. You get that certificate by filling out the form at the websites of contact lens manufacturers.

With some offers, you may end up paying the shipping or for a small handling fee. Each offer is a little bit different, so check out the fine print as you get your free contact lens coupons. Again, for most offers, you’ll have to first go see a local optometrist and get a prescription from them.

The great thing is that you get to try different brands and colors and see what you like best. So get these certificates from as many brands as you want so that you can try them all.

You’re not too far away from seeing a whole new looking you! They will arrive in the mail shortly and you’ll get to try them out in no time.

Get even more information about free colored contacts samples in the mail when you go to where you can order them right there.

Fun Style With Contact Lenses

colored-contacts-styleThere are many different colors to choose from today. There is just so much more than brown, blue, green and hazel.

Colored contacts make a statement of style. They are also good for holidays such as Halloween, This will definitely make your costume totally unforgettable. This can be a fun way just to experiment with your eye color. Sometimes we all just need a change to make ourselves feel great. It will give you just the perk up you need to feel good.

Other than that if you can wear them, they will change your whole personality. Make you feel sexier and be able to match up with your wardrobe. What a fun way to make a change!

Summary of What You Need to Do

In case we went a little too fast, here are the steps that you will go through to get a pair of free, trial contact lens samples by mail / by post. The process is fairly simple and many people want to find out how to do this. Just follow these steps to get free contacts by mail:

  1. Get the certificates for the free colored contacts. You can find these on the websites of contact lens manufacturers. Yes, even the manufacturers of colored contact lenses want to send you free trials because they think their brand is the best and they want you to try them. Go to those websites and find offers like “Free Contacts” or “Free Contact Lenses” or “Contact Lenses by Mail” or even “Get Free Contacts.”
  2. You will be taken to a form where you will be required to enter in your contact information. This is for two main reasons. First, they need to know where to send them. Second, they want your information for marketing purposes. You may start receiving marketing materials in the mail from these companies, so be forewarned. Some of this material may be coupons and special offers, so it’s really not that bad.
  3. Upon entering that information, you’ll usually be taken to a page where you can download or print a certificate or coupon. Sometimes this will be a PDF file or they’ll ask you to print the web page. So make sure you are on a computer that has a printer available. Some places like libraries or Internet cafes may charge you to print things, so if that’s your case, then first check on that.
  4. You will next make an appointment at a local optometrist. Just find one that’s close by, give them a call and say that you need to see a doctor about getting fitted for a pair of colored contact lenses. They will know what you want and will schedule an available day. You can also ask how much this appointment will cost. This is the part of the process where you will have to pay some money. This is simply because it’s illegal (as of 2005) to get colored contacts without prescription. Also, contact lens manufacturers will not want to send you a free pair of contacts that you have not been properly fitted for.
  5. Next, go to the appointment. It’s easy. The doctor will look into your eyes for the measurements and your vision will also be tested. This is good because if it turns out that you do need some form of vision correction, then this will take some of the strain off of your eyes and you will feel better since your eyes will be less stressed out.
  6. After the appointment, hand over your free trial contact lens certificates and the doctor will place the order for you. Be sure to read the terms of each of these trial lens offers so that you are doing it correctly as some of them vary.
  7. In a few days or in a week, the free contact lenses will arrive in the mail! Simple!

Good luck trying them on and have fun with see you how look with different colored eyes!


Colored contacts without any magnification are available in three different kinds such as visibility tints, enhancement tints and opaque tints. They are also designed for people with astigmatism, bifocal or just want the disposable kind.

Yes, you do need a prescription even though you may not need power to your lenses. Your lenses need to be fitted to the shape of your eyes. You need to see if you can wear them first and how to care for them as well. Some people can not just wear them. Their eyes might be too dry. Everybody’s eye shape is different. Not wearing the proper fitted lenses can cause eye irritation and infection. You need to keep this in mind.

You can buy them at any eye doctor’s office. Also, places like Wal-Mart and Sears have them as well. There are many websites online where you can buy them, too. They will be delivered right to your front door. You can get just what you need at a cheaper and discount price. There are companies that offer no prescription lenses just as well as corrective lenses. It is not a good idea to buy from companies outside the US. These companies do not have the standards that we do.

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