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Get Free Contacts Samples in the Mail

Although the business of free sample contact lenses is highly competitive; getting free contact lenses samples by mail is easy. It also effectively takes out the middle man; they come directly to the door of the customer. There is no wasting time driving around town trying to find a specific brand that a specific doctor carries. Most of the time all it requires is filling out a quick form for the shipping information. Free samples will come to the customer in a variety of different styles and brands. These samples can be daily wear or monthly wear, it’s up to you.

This article will explain how you can get them sent to you, free of charge, with no shipping fees. Please read on.

Free Contact Lenses Sent to Your House

The order for free contact lens samples can be prescriptive or non-prescriptive. This depends on if you need vision correction or not. Of course, for medical contact lenses there will need to be information given about the prescription the ophthalmologist or optometrist has ordered.

Thinking of changing from glasses to contacts or just changing the brand of contact used? Whenever shopping for anything there is an adage that applies best: “Always try before you buy.” This is also applicable where contact lenses are concerned; which is why free samples are such a good idea.

This article will explain how you can get them sent directly to your house for no charge, so read on.

Is a Prescription Needed?

Yes, in order to get a free pair of contact lenses sent to you in the mail to your house, you will need to see an eye doctor so that they can write the prescription for them. All contact lenses are classified as being medical devices by law, so that’s why a prescription from a doctor is needed.

What About Astigmatism?

Yes, if you have astigmatism where your eyes are shaped differently and where you need contact lenses that are toric and have weights on them so that they line up, you can still get sample pairs for no charge. These contact lenses generally do cost more than normal contacts (sometimes twice as much or more) but the contact lens manufacturers want to sell those kinds of lenses, too, obviously – so they hand out free trials of that kind as well.

It’s amazing what you can get free samples of today. There are offers out there for many things that you can get for free. What advertisers find is that if they can get their product into your hands, you’ll get to try it and they believe that you will like it and then stick to their brand. It’s all about brand loyalty. So what contact lens manufacturers find is that this works very well with contacts. Getting free contact lenses is pretty simple.

If you currently wear contacts or even if you don’t, you can get free sample contacts. If you wear them already, then all you need to do is ask for them the next time you place your order but you need to have a current prescription. As long as it’s less than a year since you had your prescription made, yours is valid.

My Story

I used to wear colored contact lenses myself and I know that you really need a pair of free samples first. There are some colors that you love and then some that just don’t look right with your complexion or hair colors. You need a week or so to wear them and to try them out before you actually commit to buying those colors.

If you have time, you can walk into a store inside the mall or around your local shopping center to try on a few free pair. They have sales people to assist you with those colors. However, it will take at least an hour because you can get use to new contacts. This is why when you get a free pair you have plenty of time to try them out at home.

Colored Contacts

free-contact-lens-sampleHidden among the beauty secrets of supermodels, stars and the elite of society are colored contact lenses. To brighten any eye color, dazzle a significant other, or add flare to a costume colored contacts are an ideal addition. Sometimes, even colored contacts may need a prescription. It’s good to find this out before going ahead.

Colored contacts can be had by people with certain eye problems; astigmatism is most common in this aspect.

People who want colored contacts may be wondering if they can get colored contacts without prescription and that’s not really the case even though they will be non-corrective. In some places, you can get free color contact lenses samples without prescription but it will depend on where you live.

If you do not need corrective lenses, then you can free samples of color contact lenses. For them, you will actually need a prescription so that the eye doctor can take measurements of your eyes, like the base curve.

The first step is to find the contact lens rebate offers that are available. You can find them on the websites of contact lens manufacturers, so look for links to them or go there and find these free sample offers.

Next, see your eye doctor if you need to and get a prescription or get it updated. This is a good thing to do since your eyes are very important.

Colored contact lenses are great to wear if you want to change your eye color. They’re even better if you can get the free colored contacts sample online or offline. A free colored contact lens sample is available two ways – either online and offline. The process is simple because there are plenty of companies online offering free samples and trials. You can try them and see how they look on you. Contact lenses can be a sensitive beauty product and you do need to try them first. Once you see how they look and feel on you, you can buy more of those types.

How Do You Get Colored Contacts for No Cost?

Contact lens on a person's finger tip

Contact lens on a person’s finger tip

Contact lenses companies will have free samples for you to try out because they want you to buy their products when you like a color. This is why you can get them for free. You can go online and type in for certain eyes contact lens companies that you might know or have use before and see if they have free samples. They will most likely have it available online.

I did a search on Google and found plenty of free samples on there. You can also type in a general phrase to see what will come up. You can type in something like “free contact lenses samples” and you will see a list of websites that offer these free products. You can click on the site and then fill out a free sample form to have it mail to you.

After you get it in the mail, you can try them on to see if you will like it or not. If you do like them, you can always come back to the same site and order yourself another pair. You can also go online again and seek another free sample for a different color if you didn’t like the previous color. Samples are available online and offline so you should take advantage of these opportunities and try out some cool eyes contact lenses.

Wearing colored contact lenses can be a lot of fun. You can change your appearance in a way that people wouldn’t expect and for people that have never met you before, they will think that you have some pretty stunning eyes when they meet you. What a way to make a first impression!

Colored contact lenses are mainly popular with women either in their teens or twenties. They want to find a great way to change their appearance or complete a makeover. Some men wear them but it’s mainly women and these kinds of contacts are even sometimes referred to as cosmetic contact lenses.

Even if you do not need vision correction, you can get yourself a pair of colored contact lenses. They are available for those who already wear prescription contacts and for those who don’t need contacts. If you already wear them, then you can simply order the colored version the next time you place an order. You do not want to, however, wear two contact lenses at once (colored and non-colored) – it just doesn’t work and you won’t get enough oxygen to your eyes, so the lenses will feel very uncomfortable and you could have problems with your eyes.

Choose a Color!

Probably the thing about wearing colored contacts that’s the most fun is choosing from all the different colors available. Check out some of the great colors and designs that are available:

The next best thing about colored contact lenses is that you may be able to make choosing a color easy since you can get yourself some free samples. Yes, the companies that make them are offering free colored contacts samples. You can order free trial color lenses and doing this will help you decide on which color (or colors) looks the best on you and matches well with your skin complexion.

How to Order Free Color Contacts

First of all, before there’s any confusion, you cannot order them here on this website – sorry, but we’ll explain why in a second. You will need to order them from the companies that make them. Doing so is easy. We don’t offer free samples here because we don’t make them and, depending on where you live, you may have to go through a few steps in order to get them which may involve getting a prescription.

Second, what you need to do is go to the websites of companies that make contact lenses. We’ll put that list later on in this article for you. On those websites, there will be a link to where you can fill out a form. It will say “Free Trial Contacts” or “Free Sample Contacts” or something like that. Click on that link to get to the form. Put in your information so that they know where to send them. After that, you’ll get to a web page that has information on how to get the sample colored contacts. It’ll most likely be a page to print out – like a certificate, coupon or rebate form. Each manufacturer is a little different and they sometimes change their process, so it may vary from what we say here but you get the process.

Third, read what the page says. You will need to follow their directions in order to get your free pair of colored contacts in the mail. If you live in the United States or in Canada or are over in the United Kingdom, then there are laws on the books that say that any kind of contact lens does require a prescription from a doctor. This even goes for colored contacts, unfortunately.

Fourth, if you do need to first get a prescription, then it’s actually pretty easy to do. Find a local optician in your area. Some of the best places to go are department stores that have optical departments. They do have real eye doctors there and the price for the exam is reasonable. Yes, you will have to pay for the exam but the prescription will be good for a year. You only have to go annually to renew your prescription if you want to get more contacts. The exam will probably cost between $70 and $100.

After you have made an appointment and go to the eye doctor in your area, you will hand them all the free colored contact sample coupons you have printed out. The doctor will then be able to order them for you in the prescription and colors that you want. You should go to more than one contact lens company’s website so that you can try several different colors. Trying different brands is a good idea, too.

Going to the eye doctor is good for a few reasons. First, you get your eyes checked. If you do happen to need some kind of prescription or have astigmatism, then you can get corrective lenses. Your eyes will thank you because they won’t be straining to see things – which you might not even know you’re doing. When your eyes are less stressed, your body is less stressed and you’ll feel better. Second, getting a prescription makes sure that the contacts you eventually get are fitted to your eyes. People’s eyes are shaped differently, so getting ones that fit your individual eyes will make them feel much more comfortable and you will be able to wear them longer than just a standard pair not made for you.

Free Colored Contacts in the Mail

If the doctor does not have free contact lens samples to give out there in their office, then they will order them for you. They will arrive in the mail at your house in a short amount of time. Be sure to have a fresh contact lens case for each brand of contact lens that you are trying out. Sometimes these companies will give you a case but sometimes they will not. Either way, you’ll also need some contact lens cleaning solution so that you can rinse them out and keep them moisturized when you are not wearing them.

Make sure you do not share contact lenses with anyone else. You might be tempted to but that’s one good way to spread bacteria and you or someone else could easily get an eye infection – even if you think you’ve rinsed them out really well. It’s just not worth it. So have your friends also go through this process and then you all can try your new colored contact lenses together.

Getting Your Free Colored Contacts Without a Credit Card

To get your free colored contacts is simple. Go to the websites of the companies that make them. Look at Acuvue Colours and Freshlook for starters – they both have a nice selection. Next, find their offers for free trial lenses. Fill out the forms there and print out what they give you. You will then have to make an appointment at a local eye doctor (you have to pay for this) to get them fit to your eyes.

Bring in the forms you printed and then the eye doc can send in your prescription in the color you want. They will then either arrive in the mail at your door/your home or else you can pick them up at the doctor’s office. When there are offers like this and when they choose to deliver them, you won’t pay a shipping charge for them because the entire process (besides the eye exam) is free. They’re trial lenses… much like a free sample in a grocery store.

Free Colored Contacts Sample

Whether you are looking to intensify your beauty or try something different with the way you look, a free colored contacts sample can be an excellent start. Why do is this true? Well, with each different color, comes a different look and mood for your wardrobe. A new set of eyes can make you look so brand new, your friends will be absolutely jealous. They won’t be jealous of just how great you look, but they be jealous that you were able to obtain your look for free.

What’s the Catch?

However, there is one tiny catch to getting a free colored contacts sample. The catch is that you must obtain a prescription before you can get a pair. This is not true for all manufacturers, but it is the law in the US, Canada, and the UK. It has been proven that when your eyes are exposed to the wrong type of lenses, it can cause serious problems with your eyes. This is true even if you’ve always had perfect vision. This is why it is not safe to buy from suppliers who don’t require you to have a prescription.

When you visit your eye doctor for a prescription to receive a color contacts sample, you can expect him/her to do a full exam. This will determine whether your eyes are healthy enough to wear color contacts without vision correction. At this time, you will also get fitted for the right size lens. Buying lenses that are specifically measured to fit your eyes can be dangerous, especially if you’re a frequent driver.

Improper lenses can become uncomfortable to wear and most of them are hard to see out of. There’s no need to sacrifice your vision when there are plenty of reputable companies willing to give you a fee sample to try. All you need is a prescription and once you have it, it’s good for up to a year. So, what do you have to lose?

Soon, you’ll be enjoying your free sample colored contact lenses.

Do it the easy way by going to

Colored Contact Lens Manufacturers

Here are the websites of companies that make colored contacts. You will be able to click on each one and then take advantage of their offers for free colored contacts samples.

Be sure to only choose name brand companies to make sure that you are not getting cheap colored contacts, which could actually have toxic paint in them which could leak and hurt your eyes. Well known companies use better paints which are not toxic and you will not have to worry about this problem.

Cleaning Your Contact Lenses

Always make sure to have a cleaning system to go with the prescriptive or colored contacts that are ordered. Nothing is worse than getting free contact lenses sample by mail and getting itchy, dry eyes because of not having the appropriate cleaning system. Most brand names that everyone can recognize are listed as free trial samples.


With free samples of contact lenses there is almost no limit to the look and feel that can be achieved. Contact lenses can be expensive; it’s best to try out samples before settling on one particular brand. Try several brands and then decide which brand you like the best. You can get just one sample of each brand but make sure you get all the brands that are out there.

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