Reviews on Two Amazing Honeywell Thermostats

More Than Just a Programmable Thermostat: The Honeywell THX9321R5000 Prestige HD


Honeywell Prestige HD Programmable Thermostat

Most digital programmable thermostats made by Lux Products, Honeywell and Hunter differ only in small details of compatibility and range of functions. The choice of thermostat often comes down to price and the type of HVAC system a home has. In the case of the Honeywell THX9321R5000 Prestige HD Programmable Thermostat there is a considerable difference to other thermostats.

Use WiFi to Control It

There are three main things that stand out when reviewing the Honeywell Prestige HD. Firstly, the superior touchscreen and programming. Secondly, the thermostat can regulate relative humidity in a home and thirdly, the Prestige HD has redLINK enabled wi-fi.

Just one look at the Honeywell Prestige programmable thermostat is enough to notice the superior quality of the high definition touchscreen. Honeywell are very good at organizing programming interfaces and they have surpassed themselves in this case. It brings total control to the user without confusing newcomers to the system with too many options. In consumer testing the Honeywell THX9321R5000 scored 9.5 out of ten for ease of use. This is because the device features a programming wizard that asks a series of questions in order to ascertain the best settings for the user. Once these settings have been made they can be exported to other Prestige HD thermostats via the handy USB port that accepts memory sticks or flash drives.

The thermostat can also connect to an outdoor sensor via its wi-fi capacity to collect data about outside temperature and humidity. It then uses this information to recommend ideal settings for the indoor climate. If a humidifier or dehumidifier is attached to the HVAC systems then the Honeywell THX9321R5000 can automatically adjust the relative humidity in a room or house for optimum comfort and to protect hardwood furniture and flooring.

Honeywell WiFi Thermostat

Finally, the Honeywell Prestige HD can also be used in conjunction with a Comfort Station. This is a small portable touchscreen device that you can carry around the house. It connects via wi-fi to up to 16 thermostats in the house. It allows the homeowner to change the temperature around the house without getting up. This makes for much greater energy efficiency as it is easy to turn down the heating/cooling in unoccupied parts of the house.

And of course the Honeywell THX9321R5000 also has 7 day programming (with 4 periods per day), temporary hold, 3 fan settings, smart recovery, keyboard lockout, auto change-over and filter warning.

It is very clear that the Honeywell Prestige HD is more than just a programmable thermostat – it is the future of indoor climate control.

Honeywell RTH8580WF Review

Is your old thermostat giving you trouble, is it reading the temperatures in your home incorrectly. Well then maybe, just maybe its time to purchase a new thermostat for your heating and cooling household needs.

The Honeywell RTH8580WF model is a real fantastic little gadget that is totally WiFi operated. This unique little thermostat is touch screen or remote controlled. You can get this valuable thermostat at various online stores at a very affordable price.

The Honeywell RTH8580WF thermostat is cost efficient, and totally reliable when it comes to temperature controls. This little gadget comes with the easy use of touchscreen. You can punch in all of your temperature guidelines, that you acquire, for your home heating and cooling systems. This high quality WIFI thermostat, will give you a special alert via your computer, or cell phone if your homes temperature changes. You can also use your computer, or phone to remote control your homes temperature setting, if needed to be changed.

Programmable Thermostat

Programming of the Honeywell RTH8580WF is easy to access, and can be programmed for up to seven days. The use of the pre-programmed energy saver, will give you a big adjustment on your heating and cooling bill for the month. This thermostat also come with a alert system that will alert you when the filter of your heating and cooling system needs to be changed. It will also alert you when your WIFI connection has been lost.

Fantastic Temperature Control

This fantastic thermostat comes with a special automatic change system, that determines the right temperature for your home settings. The Honeywell RTH8580WF has a very accurate temperature control setting, that analyzes your homes temperature at an accurate measure. Coming back from vacation to a very hot house, is so very uncomfortable, but with the use of the Honeywell RTH8580WF, you can schedule your air conditioning, to come back on just in time for you to come home to a cool air conditioned home.

The Honeywell RTH8580WF thermostat displays the temperature of your home, and the exact time of the day. Pricing for this wonderful high quality heating and cooling gadget, is very affordable, it is currently being offered for under one hundred and fifty dollars at various stores. This thermostat can save a person a huge amount of money on their heating and cooling bill, because of the fact that it is easy to set the temperature of your home to a precise setting, that no one can change but you. This is a very convenient way to keep your homes temperatures adjusted to exactly what your want it to be.

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