How to Get Back to Sleep in the Middle of the Night (for FREE)

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Here’s the method I’ve been using lately to fall back to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night, which works REALLY well. I think this way is something I made up or it’s a combination of a few things I’ve heard but it works.

Here are the steps to get back to sleep:

  1. Get comfortable (flip your pillow, change your position… whatever).
  2. Close your eyes and start counting back from 100 to 0 with medium-sized breaths.
  3. You must do it slowly. I do it with my breathing and there are about 4 seconds between breaths.
  4. If you lose count, you must start back at 100 and start counting down.

I hardly ever get down past 80 before I’m back to sleep.

What happens for me is, my mind drifts because of the time between the counting and breathing. I’ll catch myself usually twice where I forget which number I’m on where I have to start over. After that, at some point, I forget what I’m doing and I’m back to dreamland.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you in the comments – comment in the morning, after you’ve slept, of course. 🙂

This Might Also Help…

I also like this product, which has melatonin. I take it every night before bed. It takes less than an hour to kick in and I figure I get more sleep since I can fall asleep faster:

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