How to Turn Off the Maintenance Required Light on an Acura RSX or Honda


Here’s how to turn off the Maintenance Required Light (MRL) on an Acura RSX or other Acuras – this might work the same for other cars as well, like for a Honda. Give it a try.

Turn of Maintenance Required Light

Here’s what to do:

  1. With the car off and key out, hold in the odometer select/reset button.
  2. Insert the key and turn to the run position without starting the car.
  3. Keep holding the button in. The Maintenance Required Light will blink once and then in another 5-10 seconds. You can now release the button.
  4. Turn off the car and remove the key.

When you turn on the car now, the Maintenance Required Light should be off. Done!

acura-rsx-dashboardIf not, try it again.

Another option is to consult a manual for your car. And if you want to diagnose engine lights on your car, keep reading…

Awesome MPG Stats for My Car – I Love This!

automatic-linkI just got my Automatic Link the other day. Install was a breeze.

What it does is plug into your car and then pairs with your smartphone. You get some really great stats on every trip you make. You get MPG and even fuel cost per trip plus more. I think this will help me save some fuel costs and then diagnose any service engine soon lights that might pop up… with some of those, it’s as simple as just tightening the gas cap.

Here are some screen shots:


There are other features like driving feedback, trip time, drive score, automatic help in a crash, engine warning light decoding (awesome) and even finding where you parked your car. It’s cool. With all this data, you start trying to see how high you can get your MPG and the Link helps you do that with some driving feedback.

My BMW comes with some MPG stats and so on but they’re basically nothing compared to what this system can do. I thought I was just getting 21.9 MPG but I see on the highway, I’m up to 29. In the city, I’m near 21 or 22.

It was on sale for Christmas, so I got it for just $79. I have a link below where you can get 20% off, so check it out!

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