iPhone Repair – How to Fix a Broken Screen


Broken iPhone?

Is your iPhone damaged? Don’t throw it out the window! Most of the time, the damage that has been done to your iPhone is completely reversible. You can even repair an iPhone yourself or else have it professionally fixed if you want it done quickly and the right way.

Before assessing and repairing your damage, you should know that research says today’s model of the iPhone is more durable and less likely to break or malfunction. So, when purchasing, try choosing a more recent model rather than an older one. Although, whether new or old, your iPhone can more than likely be repaired with the knowledge and tips to do so.

So what exactly is wrong with your iPhone?

For one, if your screen shield is incorrectly aligned, you could always remove the shield. Removing it with your thumbnail could be an option, but it would not be best considering this may lead to scratches on your screen. Here’s and idea: place four pieces of tape on your iPhone with just enough tape on the edges for you to grab onto. After you’ve applied the tape, press down on the tape that is on the shield protector, then after a few moments, pull any first two pieces of tape off of whatever side of the iPhone screen shield you choose to remove first. And there you have it! Your screen shield has been removed, and you can now correctly reapply it. Be careful! You have your own iPhone repair right at your fingertips.

iPhone Water Damage

Did you happen to drop your iPhone in water? Sadly, your company will not cover water damage. The best thing for you to do is leave it to dry out in a cool and dry place. DO NOT attempt to turn it on, plug it in, or press any buttons. Electricity and water cannot combine as it will short circuit the device. Doing so can be hazardous to you as well! Before proceeding, remove the SIM card before attempting to remove the water.

It is recommended that you leave it next to fan, or let the water evaporate on its own.

Cracked Screen iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 Repair

To fix a cracked screen isn’t too difficult. Almost everyone will experience a cracked screen at some point. You may have friends who continue to use their phone while the screen is cracked. We see it all the time. They might not know how easy it is to fix or that they can do it themselves.

Sometimes depending on how bad the crack, your iPhone can still function.

This video explains how to fix a cracked screen on your iPhone 4:

If you’re scared about doing it yourself, then there are local shops in your area that can fix your phone easily and usually within a few hours or while you wait. This way, you don’t have to send your phone away and wait a few days or even a week before it gets fixed.

If you try it yourself, it’ll just take some patience and a some time but you can do it. Don’t be in a rush to do it and have a well lit and clean area to work in. Put down a cloth to protect the phone and make sure screws don’t fall on the floor.

The best option with a broken iPhone screen is to get it repaired by a professional.

iPhone Replacement Parts

Also, if any other part of the iPhone is broken and you are sure of what it is, you can always order the parts online, or from any other third party. There are also many repair guides you can follow, to do it yourself. This won’t be as costly as professional repair, and can sometimes be a very fun and challenging experience. No money spent and you have your beloved iPhone back.

Self iPhone repair is often overlooked, because people do not think it will function the same as if they had it professionally repaired, or even replaced. This is not true. As I’ve stated before, it is beneficial because it is less costly and can provide you with a challenge. In addition to that, you will not have to go through the trouble of transferring your data to another iPhone. When repaired, all your data is still on the same device.


The best part (besides your working iPhone) is that no previous knowledge of iPhone repair is necessary. It simply, requires time and patience. Having good research skills to look up a few other tips and tricks couldn’t hurt either. If you are willing to go through this process, most likely you will succeed. Even if you are not sure what the fault on your iPhone is, you can call a specialist that can help you determine what the fault is. This will make things a lot easier on your part, especially when you determine what exactly the fault is. So don’t give up, just try.

Learn more about getting your iPhone professionally repaired and returned to you quickly (with a free estimate) when you find retailers online.

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  1. As a owner of an iPhone repair business, I would have to say this is well written and has a lot of valuable information regarding iPhone repair.

    Just to chime in on one topic, to repair water damage is completely possible. Listen to what the author states about not turning the device on UNTIL it is completely dry. The actual defects that are caused by water damage originate from the impurities in the water that causes corrosion on the logic board.

    At XpressFix.com, we use a ultrasonic machine to completely clean the logic board, then we let it sit and dry once again. This is a high success rate and is strongly recommended if you happen to damage your device due to liquid/water exposure.

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