Is Driving for DoorDash Worth It?

DoorDash logo - transparent PNGPeople wonder with the time, gas, and wear & tear on your car if driving for DoorDash is really worth it or not.

That’ll depend on a few factors like your area and your car.

If you don’t have many restaurants around using DoorDash and you drive a big SUV, then it might not be worth doing. You’ll want to track your stats to make sure.

But, if you are in an area with lots of restaurants (and grocery stores) using DoorDash and your car gets decent gas mileage, then DoorDash as a second job is most likely very much worth doing.

Check with whomever does your taxes, but when you track your mileage, you should be getting $0.58 per mile from the government to reduce your tax liability. This can pretty much cover your taxes on what you earn (since you’re an independent contractor, not a W-2 employee) and the wear & tear on your car. Still, it’ll be smart to put 20% of what you earn into savings, just to be sure.

How Much Do You Earn Per DoorDash Delivery?

This depends on your area, how many drivers are out there in your area, and how much mileage is on that particular delivery. You’ll typically see your base pay at $3-7 and then you get any tip the customer adds on.

When you can really cash in is when DoorDash offers a bonus. This can be from $1 to $4 or more per delivery. If you do 12 deliveries in 3 hours (pretty typical), that can be an extra $48 or more.

And tips… customers can tip from $0 to $11 or sometimes more on each order. Most tips are $3-4.

In January, I made $994.50 in pay and $726.34 in tips!

Here are how some of my paydays look – just working part-time:

Doordash earnings

How Much Do You Earn Per Hour With DoorDash?

This also depends on your area, but most drivers see an hourly rate of $17-34 or more. Some states, like California, have an extra amount that’s added per state law.

Remember, you have to pay for gas, oil changes, tires, taxes, and all that good stuff.

How Much Can You Earn Per Day Doing DoorDash?

Since the average hourly wage is around $17-34 or more:

  • 3 hours: $51 to $102
  • 5 hours: $85 to $170
  • 8 hours: $136 to $272

If you worked 4 hours per night, 4 days a week, that could be $544 per week or $2,176 per month.

How Often Do You Get Paid?

The normal pay period is from Monday to Sunday, where you typically see a direct deposit on Tuesday, but they have a DoorDash card now where you can get your pay within minutes on their card, which is a debit card you can use.

Or, a transfer to your bank account (if you want it sooner than Tuesday) costs $1.99.

It’s a Great Gig

Think about it… instead of watching TV for 3 hours every evening, you can give up a few of those and do DoorDash. You’ll be earning good money, getting exercise, meeting new people, learning new shortcuts, and it’s a pretty fun job. Times flies sometimes.

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