Is it “Etc.” or “Ect.” When Writing Et Cetera

The words, et cetera is a Latin phrase that means “and so forth” or “and other similar things” but people seem to write the abbreviation wrong sometimes.

The correct way to abbreviate et cetera is “etc.” and it’s easy to remember because you can just take the first 3 letters: et cetera.

It’s not “ec tetera” which would be what you’re essentially saying when you write “ect.” so you can see how it’s wrong that way. Just think: “et” plus “cetera” and you should be able to remember the right way going forward.

Also, when you write it wrong, other people see it and see you’re writing it wrong. Maybe they don’t tell you because they don’t want to hurt your feelings or they don’t feel like it’s worth bringing up but they see you doing it wrong… so you look a little silly. I only mention this so you know and maybe knowing that will help you remember to write etc. correctly.

When listing etc. in a sentence, put commas between each item and even one before etc. like this:

“I like pizza, hamburgers, French fries, etc. when I go to eat with my nephew.”

When etc. is at the end of a sentence (an ellipsis), you don’t need to add an extra period. And there’s no need to add in three dots (“…”) because that’s redundant.

Learn how to use an ellipsis here.

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