Kidde 1276 / I12060 / i9010 Chirping

Kidde Smoke Alarm Chirping – Fixed

I moved into a condo a while back and it has 5 Kidde 1276 smoke alarms linked together (the Kidde I12060 is the replacement model). I guess the benefit is that if one goes off, the others will and everyone in my unit knows about it. Well, it’s only a small, 3 bedroom condo (rooms are not too big) and it one goes off, the other 3 don’t need to go off – you’ll know since you can hear any of them well enough.

This short article explains what I did to get the low battery chirping noise to stop.

Smoke Alarm Batteries Are the Worst, Right?

The pain in the butt with these things is when a battery in one of them is low. They all seem to communicate this to each other and sometimes they all start chirping (every 30, 45 seconds or 1 minute). You replace the battery in one and they all keep chirping for some reason, so you run out the store to get some more 9 volt batteries (a flashback to the 1980s when everything ran on 9 volt batteries) and replace them all. Once you do that, they all keep chirping. What the heck?

Also, I don’t know if anyone else has encountered this but if it’s not warm enough inside, they start chirping / beeping. Turning up the heat seems to help. They stop beeping in 5 minutes or so.

How to Get the Kidde 1276 / I12060 to Stop Beeping

Kidde Model 1276 Keeps Beeping – Tips to Stop It

Here are some solutions I’ve found which seem to work for the most part. If anyone has more, please let me know.

Here are the tips:

  • First, make sure there’s no fire. 🙂
  • If two or more are linked, you might as well just change the batteries in all of them.
  • When you replace the battery, it might still beep. What I did was push each button twice, really quickly (don’t hold buttons).
  • If they are still chirping after 5-10 minutes, then you have to discharge one or all of them. To do this, twist them to remove them from the base, unplug it by squeezing the sides of the clip, open the battery compartment and then hold down the test button for about 20-25 seconds. This will release all the charge in them and you can plug it back in and push the battery back in.
  • Make sure you’ve found all the smoke alarms. I thought I had only 4 of these and then found one more.
  • If you have a carbon monoxide detector in the area, maybe it’s the batteries in that unit instead. It’s worth replacing those batteries to stop the annoying chirping.
  • Get a can of compressed air and blow that air into them to get any dust out. These things will require some cleaning from time to time. Using a vacuum may work, too.
  • Your smoke alarm might require even more cleaning. Open it up and clean off the sensor with a damp cloth. Allow it to completely dry (20 min) and then put it back together and reinstall.
  • If your smoke alarm is 10 years old, replace it. Better safe than sorry.
  • If after replacing the battery, the test button doesn’t do anything, replace it.

I don’t know if other condos use these kinds of smoke alarms or carbon monoxide alarms that are linked together or not. It kind of seems like a good idea but I’m not sure if I would totally agree. Maybe why do it is that they get a good deal on them if they buy them in bulk.

Replace Your Smoke Alarms

Worst case, you can always get new ones. There’s not a lot to smoke alarms, so they’re made kind of cheaply and they’re eventually just going to break – like about anything.

With mine, the plastic really got yellow and looked terrible on my white ceiling. When that happens, it’s probably best to just replace them. Smoke alarms are there to save your life, so getting new ones is a small price to pay when it comes to the safety of you and your family.

The replacement smoke alarm for the Kidde 1276 is the Kidde I12060 available at Amazon.

Change Your Smoke Alarm Batteries at Daylight Savings Time

It’s smart to change your smoke and carbon monoxide batteries when you change your clocks due to Daylight Savings Time, which would be twice a year. Batteries are lasting longer now but again, we’re talking about the safety of your home, so it’s just a good idea to replace your batteries twice a year.

If you do replace them twice a year, then there’s no need to go with the most expensive batteries – the regular 9 volt batteries will work just fine.

Kidde Smoke Alarm Manual PDF

I also found a Kidde 1276 manual online, which might help as well. It might give you some clues and help.

And Don’t Forget About Carbon Monoxide Detectors

They passed a law where I live and because I live in a condo, I had to get carbon monoxide detectors in my unit. I got some and just installed them next to the smoke detectors. The kind that look better and easier, though, are the kind you just plug into a wall socket. That’ll be the kind I get next. With that kind. you don’t have to worry about batteries as much since the main power comes from the wall and the battery is just for backup purposes.


Hopefully these tips help you quiet your smoke alarm without you having to take a golf club or baseball bat to each one. If they continue to beep after changing the batteries, then maybe it’s time to replace each one. They should be changed after 10 years anyway, so if the tips listed above don’t work, then just get new ones.

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