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Need a Link Removed From One of Our Websites?

You or someone at your company or someone you hired has maybe done some link building and you’re trying to make some changes. We get that. You can choose to either use the disavow tool or take the time to get links removed. It’s up to you.

Google also has a URL removal tool that you can use.

Why Keep Your Link With Us?

With your online link profile, remember that it’s good to vary your link/anchor text and one great way to do that is with lower PageRank websites. Each link has different strength but the anchor text with each link is looked at equally.

This website, The Original Source, along with other websites we own, contain only original content. These kinds of websites are not spammy and continue to rank well and show up in search engine results. Take a look at our standards and guidelines for submitting an article here. We do reject some articles sent to us.

Get Your Link Removed

If you still want a link removed from this website or others that we own, please use the form below. The cost for this is just $1.50 for up to 8 URLs. We do this so that we know you’re serious and so that we know your request is legit (and, of course, a little something for the effort).

We will keep the article on the website but just remove the links for you. For any page you submit, all links in that article’s content will be removed. If you have different instructions for us, please let us know by using our contact us page.

You must list complete URLs for the exact page(s) containing your link. Do not submit feed URLs:

Website URL 1:
Website URL 2:
Website URL 3:
Website URL 4:
Website URL 5:
Website URL 6:
Website URL 7:
Website URL 8:

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