Types and Uses of Medical Scissors


Uses of Medical Scissors

Anyone who has ever worked in the medical field, has used medical scissors numerous times. Medical staff are not the only ones to use these scissors. In fact, there are many other uses for these scissors in your own home.

Medical scissors used by medical personnel are typically used to cut bandages. Mainly non-adhesive bandages such as 4 by 4’s are cut by these scissors. However, they also can be used to cut surgical tape.

In general, they have numerous applications in the medical field. This ranges from suture removal to dissection to cast removal. Even something as simple as a nurse cutting open a prescription package can be a common use for these scissors.

There are also household uses for surgical scissors. Personally, I have used them for wound care for both my family and my pets. These scissors can be quite useful when you have small children. They also can be used for arts and crafts.

The different kinds of tips on these scissors can be useful when cutting different type of paper. These scissors also work wonderfully when cutting yarn or thread because they are moderately sharp. Uses of these scissors include anything from plant pruning to hair cutting. They could also be used as kitchen scissors or for other general household purposes.

Types of Surgical Scissors

One type of this variety of scissor is known as bandage scissors. This variety of scissor is usually between 3.5 and 8 inches long. The blades for bandage scissors are either serrated or straight. It is more common to find these scissors with straight blades. The scissors themselves can be straight or curved. Many even come to a small, curved tip.

Stitch scissors are usually between three inches and seven inches in length. They have different types but they are usually curves. Many stitch scissors usually have angled blades. In addition, they usually have fine blades. Occasionally, you will find stitch scissors with serrated blades.

There is another type of medical scissor known as suture scissors. These variety of scissors are usually between four and six inches long. They are used for both inserting and removing sutures. However, in a household setting they may have many other uses. Some suture scissors are also combination scissors. An example of this variety is a pair of needle holders that double as suture scissors.

Another type of scissor that is used for medical purposes, is a pair of umbilical scissors. This type of scissor is quite short. The blades at the end of the scissor are in a circular pattern. This makes it ideal for cutting an umbilical cord.

Operating scissors are another variety of surgical scissor. They typically range from about 4 inches in length to 7 inches in length. They are an extra sharp kind of scissor. They usually have a curved blade at the end. In addition, they usually are serrated.

A popular variety of medical scissors are cuticle scissors and nail scissors. A majority of us own at least one set of these. They are used to push back the cuticles and the other to trim the nail. Cuticle scissors are customarily 3.5 inches in length and come to a curved end. Most nail trimming scissors have two straight blades.

However, usually one of these blades are serrated. The one serrated blade is ideal for in-grown hairs. There is not a manicure or pedicure kit that would be complete without these.

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