[SOLVED] Neighbors’ Bedroom Activities Shaking my Bed

I live in a townhome and, recently, I’ve noticed my bed shaking at night, waking me up. I realized it’s my next door neighbors, whose bedroom is right next to mine. The activity there goes through the floor and shakes my bed.

The solution I found works well and virtually takes away the shaking.

I had these pads I used for my washing machine in my condo since small loads would cause the washer to literally walk across the room – almost blocking the door to where I could not get in (crazy).

Since I wasn’t using these anti-vibration pads now, I found them, then put each pad on the feet of my bed and it works!

Washer anti-vibration pads under my bed

The headboard right now isn’t touching the floor, so I might pick up another pack of them since each pack is just 4 and the bed + the headboard is 6 things touching the floor.

I feel just a little bit of movement but it’s not enough to wake me up now at all hours of the night. If you have this problem, maybe it’ll work well for you.

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