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Get get our news and information from our own staff as well as a myriad of contributors from around the nation and globe. The best way to communicate with us is on our Contact Us page but a few other, key contacts are listed here:

Sabrina Thompson
Editor in Chief
Sabrina has experience in journalism and copy writing. She has the last say on proofing and accepting articles from our authors along with writing content on her own. [Sabrina’s Articles]

Justin Auxin
Junior Editor
Justin’s job is to maintain articles as well as help Sabrina. He does quality control and has the job of maintaining our top articles. He is the latest addition to our staff – welcome!

Business, Sports, Technology
He comes to us with a wide background in health topics, shopping and general interest. T.C. resides in a rural neighborhood and enjoys sports like cycling, golf, basketball, football, volleyball and skiing.

Marylyn Jacobs
Home, Garden, Shopping and Health
She has two busy kids and works at home while her husband has a successful dentist practice. She loves to write about topics for women and does most of the writing under “Original Source” here at our website since she does good research and gets to the source of the matter.

Daniel St. John
Finance, Careers, Investing, Legal
Daniel contributes articles often about financial matters since that’s his expertise for the last 20 years. When he’s not writing, he’s fly fishing near his home.

Tommy “T.J.” Sanborn
Food, Wine, Kitchen, Coffee, Appliances
We love TJ. Actually, we love it when he cooks for all of us! He’s our resident “foodie” that knows so much about food that it’s kind of scary. If you meet him at a party, just bring up the topic of wine and he will talk your ear off for an hour. You have been warned!

Rosa Martinez
Fashion, Interior Design, Hobbies, Jewelry
We’re glad to have Rosa on staff. She brings her unique style and insights where it matters most. She writes great articles about the topics that she knows lots about. When she’s not working for us, she’s probably out shopping.

Scott Jameson
Camping, Outdoors, Automotive, Motorcycle, Off-Road Vehicles
Scotty is an outdoor enthusiast. No wait, he’s more than an enthusiast. He’s our resource for all there is to know about the outdoors and anything automotive. Part gear-head, part granola, he’s got lots of knowledge and we’re glad to have him on board.

Stephen Herman
Home Improvement, Construction, Do It Yourself, Hunting
Stephen is our handyman. He fixed that leaky sink in the break room – we know that. That thing was driving us crazy! He’s TC’s brother and helped him build his house. When he’s not building something, he is hunting something.

Andrea Bartels
Music, Movies, Office Manager
Andrea’s the glue that holds it all together. She manages the office well and also helps writing about entertainment. Her dog, Brewer, hangs out in the office from time to time and loves her convertible.


    • Barbara Crouch
    • September 21, 2016

    I had churping and that has stopped with replacing the batteries. Now I have red light flashing on 2 of the 4 units. what is the reset sequence ????

    • Original Writer
    • September 22, 2016

    I think that will go away after a while.

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