Over 100 Websites Where You Can Post FREE Ads Online

Man with megaphone in front of a shopHere is a list of websites offering free online ads, which are great places for you to advertise:

  • Your business
  • Your website
  • Your affiliate links
  • Your lead magnets
  • And more

You can create an ad, have it in a document (the title, description, and link) and then just copy and paste that into each website and you’ll see some free traffic to your website. You’ll even get a notification when you ad will be bumped off so you can renew it.

The way these ad websites work is:

  1. You place your ad at the top.
  2. Scroll to the bottom to confirm/submit.
  3. Check your email to confirm the ad.
  4. Your ad is posted.

They’re owned by different people even though they all use the same ad system. Some sites are locked down to certain geographical areas.

Use these websites at your own risk – and for your own profit!

  1. https://2020traffic4u.com/
  2. https://adadsonline.com/
  3. https://addafreead.com/
  4. https://ads-frequentpaydays.com/
  5. https://adsearnhits.com/
  6. https://adsfortoday.com/
  7. https://adsgnome.com/
  8. https://adspaceclub.com/
  9. https://adszee.com/
  10. https://advertiseforfreetoday.com/
  11. https://adzkinetics.net/
  12. https://albert-thomas.com/
  13. https://billboardbucks.com/
  14. https://bizinfoadboards.com/
  15. https://cashjuiceadboard.com/
  16. https://cashwakers.com/
  17. https://cheapeasyads.com/
  18. https://christiansearningonline.com/
  19. https://classifiedbusinessads.net/
  20. https://cledsfreeads.com/
  21. https://dimexclub.com/
  22. https://earlybirdsadboard.com/
  23. https://easyadplace.com/
  24. https://easyfreetraffic.com/
  25. https://elcadsite.com/
  26. https://forfreebizads.com/
  27. https://freeadbillboard.com/
  28. https://freeads2go.com/
  29. https://freeads4all.com/
  30. https://freeadsdaily.net/
  31. https://freeadslistbuilder.com/
  32. https://freeadvertising247.com/
  33. https://freeadvertising365.com/
  34. https://freebusinesspromotion.com/
  35. https://freeclassifiedadsystem.com/
  36. https://freecryptoads.com/
  37. https://freedailyviewingads.com/
  38. https://freetraffic24seven.com/
  39. https://getseentodayadboard.com/
  40. https://gladsads.com/
  41. https://goldmailerclub.com/
  42. https://goldrock56.com/
  43. https://grapevineads.com/
  44. https://happyfreeads.com/
  45. https://hitdomination.com/
  46. https://homebizads.net/
  47. https://homersonlineopportinities.com/
  48. https://incomesolutionads.com/
  49. https://incomewayads.com/
  50. https://incomewsam.com/
  51. https://instantadspace.com/
  52. https://iya-ads.com/
  53. https://jamesfreeadspace.com/
  54. https://jimsfreeadsite.com/
  55. https://joefreeadposts.com/
  56. https://kashempireadboard.com/
  57. https://lifeasacajun.com/
  58. https://listfreeonme.com/
  59. https://luzeyb.com/
  60. https://makemoneywithoutrecruitingbeta.com/
  61. https://makingmoneyonlinewithtony.com/
  62. https://mallstreetsfi.com/
  63. https://metroplexglobalmarketing.com/
  64. https://myadsfree.com/
  65. https://myadsworks.com/
  66. https://myresponsiveads.com/
  67. https://mysuccessfuladvertising.com/
  68. https://newgenads.com/
  69. https://oldskoolersincomewayyy.com/
  70. https://onfireads.com/
  71. https://ouraddictads.com/
  72. https://ourcityads.com/
  73. https://ourliveads.net/
  74. https://ourproads.com/
  75. https://pbgclassifieds.com/
  76. https://photographer4life.com/
  77. https://placefreeadsonline.com/
  78. https://plugnplayautomatedadsystem.com/
  79. https://postfreeadsdaily.com/
  80. https://postingyouradsforfree.com/
  81. https://promoteyourbiznprojects4free.com/
  82. https://risingentrepreneursfreeads.com/
  83. https://runyouradshere.com/
  84. https://siteplugger.com/
  85. https://submitafreead.com/
  86. https://tazmanianads.com/
  87. https://teamhopeads.com/
  88. https://thebeastads.com/
  89. https://thenerdads.com/
  90. https://thosecrazyads.com/
  91. https://topadboard.com/
  92. https://vibevirtualads.net/
  93. https://vinonlinefreeads.com/
  94. https://viralads365.com/
  95. https://youradsonline.net/
  96. https://youradsplace.com/
  97. https://yourbestadsellswell.com/
  98. https://yourfreeadvertising247.com/
  99. https://yourmarketingsource.net/
  100. https://yournewads.com/
  101. https://yourprettyads.com/
  102. https://yourproads.com/
  103. https://zipperadverts.com/

Post All the Ads You Want

Another way to post tons of ads online is to get one of these websites yourself. Not only can you post ads yourself, but you get to collect revenue on ad upgrades, build your email list, and more.

Is it your very own Craig’s List? Not really but close. It’s more for businesses to advertise.

Find out more about how to get one of these websites yourself and when you get one, let us know and we’ll add your website to this list for free.

Better Headlines Get You More Clicks

If you really want these ads to pay off for you, you need a good headline that practically forces someone to click and find out more. Creating these kinds of headlines isn’t easy but there’s a way to get them for your ads. The best thing is, once you have good headlines that demand clicks, you can use them wherever you want, getting more clicks, leads, and sales.

Find out more about how to get better headlines.

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