The Real Way to Lose Weight – in About 600 Words

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It’s Not What You Think, So Read This With an Open Mind

I’ve been on a few diets in my life but it wasn’t until this year (2017) I really got super serious about it. As you get older, like into your 40s, you start noticing changes in your lift.

Going from your 20s into your 30s you noticed you had to work a little harder and didn’t have quite the same energy, so going into your 40s is even worse but on top of that, you notice recovery times are way longer and things start to hurt a bit more. I know it’s going to get even worse going into my 50s, so that is why I decided to get a lot more serious about health and my weight.

Spoiler Alert – It’s Not About Calories… or Exercise!

The first thing to understand is how you get fat and that the “calories” thing is really not true. Let’s cut to the chase – it’s not about calories, it’s totally about carbohydrates because they control blood sugar. Eating lots of calories doesn’t make you fat. Eating too many carbs does.

Think about it – there are calories in vegetables and they have low carbs, right? Does anyone get fat eating too many vegetables? No.

And guess what? Eating fat doesn’t make your fat. That’s a myth. Foods that say “Diet” on them are full of chemicals – stop eating that kind of food. Switch to organic as much as you can and do not eat processed foods. Read labels on food.

If you have a bunch of extra weight and have slow metabolism, you are making too much insulin. When that happens, instead of properly using food as nutrition for your body, the insulin in your system turns it into fat.

Eating carbs may also be the real contributor to heart disease. Exercise doesn’t help because it doesn’t control insulin production… it’s what you eat, people!

Calories In, Calories Out?

That’s a false belief. It’s old. Get over it (the First Law or Thermodynamics doesn’t apply here because of hormones). Eating 500 calories and burning 500 calories doesn’t cancel things out – it only makes you hungry later on.

Yes, exercise builds muscle, which increases metabolism and frankly just makes life easier because you’re in shape but to lose weight, it’s not about exercise… it’s about what you’re eating.

And It’s Also About Your Gut

If you don’t know what probiotics are yet – learn!

There’s good bacteria in your gut and bad bacteria. Bad bacteria crave carbohydrates. Good bacteria doesn’t. Enough said, right?

I’m trying to boil it down to the basics here. If you want to do more research on these topics, go ahead. This is what I’ve learned and it’s what I found is true.

I’m taking probiotics and my skin is really soft. It’s amazing… I can’t believe it. I hardly need moisturizer. If you’re looking for better skin, take probiotics. It takes a month or two to build up but take a good one every day (over 30 billion CFUs). If you want to know which one I take, leave a comment below and I’ll email you.

Drink More Water

You’re probably not drinking enough water. You’re not. Your body works better with enough water. When you’re dehydrated, functions start breaking down.

If you’re drinking soda, stop! I used to drink lots of Mountain Dew and now, it’s hard to choke one down. It’s yucky to me now. I drink water, coffee and tea… that’s about it (besides some whiskey and beer).

Consult Your Doctor

Before starting on any change in your nutrition or weight loss, talk to your doctor to get the best advice. I’m not a doctor.

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