Thomas Compressor Parts

Thomas compressor parts might not be completely easy to find. However with any good air compressor, you eventually will need parts because the parts on the compressor will go out. You have to find a company that carries the parts for your compressor such as: regulators, manifolds, check valves, air hoses, pump/motor assemblies, fans and quick connect kits. Knowing who carries your parts for your compressor will only help you in the long run.

There are many Thomas air compressors to choose from if you do not already have one. There is the Piston air compressor, 12 VDC, 2.2 CFM, there is Compressor, Air, 0.50 HP and there is the Piston Air Compressor, 115 VAC, 3.78 CFM. If you already have one that is fine too, either way you will eventually need parts for your Thomas compressor. There are really so many different compressors that if you are buying a compressor you will not go wrong with one of these. If you are just specifically looking for parts you can not go wrong with these sites. I found these sites to be very helpful.

Getting Parts

There are sites that sells Thomas compressors and the parts for them. You can go to and put in Thomas compressor parts, several selections will come up and you will see the Thomas compressor link. Click on the link and viola! you will have all of the info you need on buying parts for or buying a Thomas compressor.

Another website I found offers a lot of info on buying a compressor just buying the parts for a compressor. Then there is that will also be very helpful with info on buying a compressor or parts. There are several different sites that you can go on all of them to look up specifically what you will need for any thing to do at all with Thomas compressor parts.

There is also a company that has all kinds of parts for just about any Thomas compressor you can imagine. I think the other sites are very helpful and I gave you enough sites to give you a choice to choose from. You want a website that offers parts for more of a variety of Thomas compressors.

Get the Right Air Compressor & Parts

Fixing and finding parts for air compressors can often be a pain just because of the way that they are built. Manufacturers understand that there are going to be incredible amounts of pressure put onto the parts located in and on air compressors, and know that they have to beef them up in order to sell the products. Unfortunately though, because of the pressure involved on a consistent basis, these parts tend to give out from time to time. While it is something that you don’t have to constantly worry about, you are going to want to understand which parts fail the most often.

The pressure gauges located on the side of the tank help determine how much pressure has been built up inside of it. When you turn the knob to determine the amount of pressure, the gauge will then communicate with a mechanical device or even a computer system to figure out whether or not it should allow more pressure in, or if it has sufficient pressure built up. Because these gauges are under constant duty, they don’t have near the life span as other parts found on the air compressor. They aren’t typically too expensive either, and locating them is usually pretty easy.

Air Compressor Air Lines / Hoses

The air lines that manufacturers use for air compressors are built of a hard rubber compound that usually holds up to wear and tear really well. The problem comes when you are using a compressor that is more than a few years old, or has been left out in the sun for long periods of time. The suns ultraviolet rays will cause deterioration in the rubber compounds used to build these hoses, and once sufficient pressure gets built up, the hosts often explode. Thankfully though, they are typically a few bucks to change out and it only takes a few minutes.

Air Compressor Motors / Replacement Motor Parts

One of the other air compressor parts that are going to need to be replaced at one point in time or another is the actual motor of the compressor. While most people often don’t change these out, but instead opt to just purchase a new compressor, if you own a larger more expensive model, replacing the engine may be your only option. You have to know that the prices of these engines for air compressors aren’t typically cheap, so you need to be certain that the compressor you are fixing is well worth the investment.

Find the Right Air Compressor Parts

If you own your own shop, mechanics garage, or even run a construction crew or two, then you have found yourself in the position of having to repair an air compressor. The problem with this is that the parts are not always easy to find, and when you do find them, you may get charged a higher rate because of their availability. In order to save money on your air compressor parts, you are going to have to keep a few things in mind about how compressors work, what parts can break, as well as what parts are going to typically have to be replaced on a regular basis.

air-compressorTypes of Air Compressors

There are a lot of different types of air compressors available, so before you can begin looking for the parts for yours, you are going to want to first determine what type of compressor it is that you own. For instance, there are reciprocating, rotary screw type, centrifugal, axial flow, diagonal or mixed flow, and scroll compressors. The parts used to build these different types of compressors are generally the same, however, on some of the models they require more specialized parts which could cost a bit more to replace when it comes time.

Using Oil

In order to get the most life from your air compressor parts, you are going to want to give them some lubricating oil on a regular basis. This oil helps to lubricate the moving parts inside of the machine, and if you neglect to give it oil on the proper schedule you could quickly find yourself having to completely replace the air compressor, instead of just a few parts. When the moving parts inside of these machines lose lubrication they will start to literally destroy themselves from the inside out which costs you a lot of money to repair.

As long as you determine ahead of time exactly which type of air compressor it is that you have, you are going to have a lot easier time trying to find replacement parts for it. There are a few manufacturers that build these replacement parts, and then there are places on the Web that may be a bit more local for you, to help you get the parts you need a bit faster. Either way you choose, you are going to want to know what part on the air compressor is broken, as well as what model the compressor is in order to find the right parts.

Understanding Air Compressors

Using an air compressor is a very helpful tool that can see regular use depending on your needs. Whether you are filling tires, powering tools, or providing air to a diver, it is important to be familiar with the various air compressor parts and know how to properly replace worn ones. While a tire might survive another day without being filled, the submerged diver might not be so willing to wait for air. Of course, there is the issue of a pressurized line breaking and that could cause serious injury.

Air compressor filters are used to remove contaminants such as: oil, oil vapor, water; they are a cylinder shape and are often made of polyester or paper, though some will contain pre-filters made of foam. The important specifications for an air compressor filter are percentage efficiency, maximum flow, surface area, height, outer diameter (OD), and inner diameter (ID). Air compressor valves’ primary function is to regular the air intake and exhaust from the system; valve size, flow co-efficiency, pressure rating, and connection type are all used to determine what the appropriate replacement valve is.

Directing the flow of air is the responsibility of the air compressor impeller; they are made from a large array of materials which include: stainless steel, rubber, cast iron, bronze, plastic, aluminum, and brass. Impellers vary based on the number of blades or vanes they have and their bore size. The motor component of the air compressor comes in a great deal of options, so it is important to know the specification on your motor in order to get it replaced. First off is the power supply, it could run on AC, DC, gas, or diesel fuel; in addition there is shape, voltage, style, frequency, shaft speed, continuous output power, continuous torque, gearbox efficiency, gearbox ratio, and phase to consider. The motor being a very important piece, it is necessary to get the correct one.

Ensuring you understand the different parts that go into an air compressor is vital in order to properly use one. We hope this article has given you a better understanding as to the depth of an air compressor and the importance of understanding the individual parts. Installing an incorrect part could cause serious injury or even loss of life. Of course without proper air compressor parts, the air compressor won’t function and the submerged diver will quickly you alert you to that fact, especially if he is submerged a good distance underwater.

Air Compressor Use and Maintenance

Air compressors are used in many industries today. They’re found running various machines or powering tools used by workers on factory lines or in the construction or automotive industries. They’re everywhere. Whomever is responsible for purchasing parts should be sure to buy air compressor parts inspected by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). Faulty parts or tools for air compressors can be dangerous because of the high amount of pressure being used.

Daily inspections should be done on all air compressor lines, parts and tools to make sure they are in working order. Air compressors can prove to be dangerous if they are not properly inspected and maintained. Parts should be replaced before they wear out completely and potentially causing injury to workers. Parts that need to be replaced the most are usually hoses, separators and filters.

Because they’re everywhere, so are retailers for compressor parts. They can be found online as well as in most cities and towns. When searching for parts, you should know the manufacturer and model number of the air compressor. Do your parts buying based on quality and not based on price. You’ll want to buy ASME approved parts and not doing so could even be illegal in some areas.

When your parts arrive, inspect them carefully to make sure they’re in good condition and not damaged during shipping. If you do find damaged parts, contact the place you bought them from and see if they can ship replacement parts to you overnight. They will most likely need to file a claim with the shipper, so be sure to keep the packaging that the part came in so that the shipper can inspect it. Don’t throw away that packaging until they’ve had a chance to look at it.

Also be sure to order enough parts so that you have extra on hand – especially with air compressor hoses, separators and filters. Other parts to have on hand are:

  • Air filters
  • Check valves
  • Electric motors
  • Oil filters
  • Regulators
  • Teflon tape
  • Throttle controls
  • Valves
  • Valve plates

Some of the most popular brands of air compressors that you will find parts for online are:

  • Kobalt
  • Thomas
  • Sanborn
  • Husky
  • Coleman
  • Campbell Hausfeld
  • Buffalo
  • Jenny
  • Devilbiss
  • Craftsman

Be sure to do your research and find the best supplier of parts for your air compressor to keep things running smoothly and safely. They should be able to deliver quality parts on time and charge you a fair price. There are many retailers online, so you should have no trouble finding what you need.

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    • Larry
    • August 10, 2011

    Looking for a connecting rod for a sears compressor. Part number 265-121 J2


    • Jan
    • October 28, 2012

    Looking for a rebuild kit for Model 1905 TG-250H, we had found one place for this kit but they say it will take 8 weeks for parts. Are there any other companies,as the Ultra Air Pac company has d/c’d the model and no longer is selling or manufacturing parts for anyone?

    • Bob
    • December 12, 2016

    I need parts for our Thomas Ultra Air Pac TG-280HBT. Does anyone know how to get parts for it?

    • Len Walla
    • February 7, 2022

    Need replacement air intake filter (1/4 npt) for Thomas Industries air compressor #T50 (PC-0319) 64111

    • Keith J Middaugh
    • November 29, 2022

    Looking for water drain check valve. Thomas Ultra Airpac.
    Model T-30HP. K
    Tank cap : 4.5
    Air delivery: 2.75 CFM

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