An Easy Way to Remember When to Use “Its” or “It’s”

Once you know this easy and simple rule, you start seeing it wrong all over the place. It’s kind of amazing. And let’s not forget that English is a bit confusing and one of the more difficult languages to learn because of all the rules.

Just remember that “it’s” always means “it is” and that’ll help you know when to use it. It can, actually, mean “it has” but that’s rarely used.

Here’s an example:

“…the website template and it’s content is loading from Zen Cart.” (WRONG)
which reads as:
“…the website template and it is content is loading from Zen Cart.” (WRONG)
So it should be:
“…the website template and its content is loading from Zen Cart.”
It’s confusing because an apostrophe can show possession – but not always.

Using “its” is possessive – meaning, it belongs to something.

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