Are Colored Contacts Without Prescription Easy to Wear?


If you wear contacts and have yet to request your free contact lenses samples by mail, what are you waiting for? It can feel like Christmas as you open your mailbox to see all of the great contact lenses samples you have received.

There are many different offers available for free color contacts by mail. Since the contact lenses business is highly competitive, the manufacturers want to show you their contacts are the best. Offering a free sample is the best way to do so! This also gives you the chance to sample a variety of different brands and styles of contacts are right for you before you spend money on them.

The contact lenses samples you find may also include colored contacts. Colored contacts are great to improve your color’s natural eye color or give you a whole new color. Some colored contacts even come in outrageous colors such as red, pink, and purple! Samples can be for prescription or non-prescription lenses. Of course if you need the lenses for seeing, a valid prescription from your doctor will be required to take advantage of the free sample offers out there. In some cases a prescription may also be needed for non-corrective lenses as well. This is just a precaution taken to protect your eyes.

Colored Contacts Without Prescription

Colored contacts without prescription are fun and easy to wear. Most individuals enjoy wearing them because they are fashionable, and can easily be accessorize to match their clothing. Others wear them when they hit the town at night or as the perfect accessory to their Halloween costume. Let’s discuss colored contacts for a minute along with the some things you should be careful about.

Contacts are easy to purchase through many vision centers and online stores. There are many locations, which sell colored contacts without prescription. This can pose as a threat to an individual’s eyes if the contacts are not properly fitted for them. The best way to go about getting colored contacts is to see an optometrist. This way, you get the right fit and they will feel more comfortable when you wear them.

No Prescription Colored Contacts

You may be searching for or wondering about “color contacts without prescriptions” and wonder if you need a prescription. Individuals with eye problems definitely need to be careful when trying to wear contacts that have not been properly fitted, or prescribed for them; this could cause further damage to the cornea of their eyes. It is again recommended going to an optometrist before purchasing contacts offline, or from any other location, this will ensure the proper fitting for contacts. Those wearing contacts will find visiting their eye care provider first will help make transitioning to colored contacts a lot easier. Individuals will then be able to take their prescription and order their contacts from online or other sources.

After the initial fitting for the contacts, your optometrist will want to see if you can put the contacts in place. This will be your time to prove that wearing them will be easy, otherwise you may get stuck wearing glasses. Wearing contacts is can be easier for some individuals over others. Some people may feel uncomfortable with putting something in their eyes, but with a little practice they will find putting the contacts in will become easier. In no time, they will be going in and coming out quite easily.

So, to get contact lenses without prescription, you will need to see an optician and get fitted for them. Doing this is the law in most countries and you end up with better fitting contacts, which are more comfortable.

Contact Lens Colors

How Colored Contacts Look

Picking out colors of contact lenses is pretty fun. There are many to choose from and you get to see how you will look with different colored eyes. Just changing your eye color can really change how you look. It’s almost unbelievable.

As you can see with the picture on the right, you can change the color of your eyes from gray to a nice, deep brown color. It looks natural and looks good. All of this with just a simple lens. Pretty amazing.

You’ll be able to go from brown eyes to blue eyes if you want but you’ll need a different kind of lens. With this picture, the girl went to a color that’s pretty close to her original eye color in terms of brightness. With that kind of change, going with enhancement tint colored contacts will work fine. But if you want to go from dark colored eyes to lighter colored eyes (like from brown to blue), then you’ll need to look for another kind of colored contact lenses called opaque contact lenses. What they do is totally block out the natural color of your eyes.

Free Colored Contact Lenses Trials

Finding the sample offers is easy! There are dozens and dozens of Web sites listing free sample contacts offers – mostly at the websites of companies that make them. A visit to your favorite contact lenses manufacturer can also help produce offers for free samples. Requesting samples is very easy. All you will need to do is fill out a short form with your name and contact information, along with a few questions about your current contact lenses. The samples should begin to roll in over the next several weeks!

You can request as many pairs of these contact lenses samples as you’d like! The samples you will receive will usually be a pair or pairs, designed for 30 days of use. be sure to carefully read and follow the instructions on the package for proper care of the contact lenses as well as your eyes. If you have more than one sample pair, only use one pair of contacts at a time. In other words, use the first box for 30 days, the second for 30 days, and so on.

Sometimes the manufacturers will send certificates for your free contacts instead of the actual contacts. If you receive one of these, no problem! Simply take the certificate to your eye doctor where you will get the specified brand of contacts for free!If it comes in the form of a certificate, you can take all of them that you receive with you and redeem them all on the same visit if you would like. Keep in mind that only the specified brand and style of contacts will be given, with no exceptions.

It is possible to get free samples of colored contact lenses so that you can try a few colors before you decide what will become your new color. Simply visit the websites of contact lens manufacturers and look for their free trial offers. Take the coupon that you get to your eye doctor when you go in for your appointment and then you can take advantage of free color contacts in the mail.

Colored contacts have become the preferred choice for most individuals. They enjoy wearing them because they are easier to manage and they do not get in the way of them being active. This makes wearing colored contacts the preferred choice – plus the added benefits of having a new eye color.

Explore the world of non prescription colored contacts more so that you can decide if colored contacts are right for you.

Remember that if you want contacts without prescription, then although you may be able to find some of them at beauty salons and novelty shops, those might not be the best decision for your eyes. It’s best to see a local optometrist, get a prescription and then order some contacts that are higher quality and know that they will fit your eyes – even if you don’t need vision correction.

Requesting these samples of contacts in the mail is lots of fun and can save you a ton of cash on your contact lenses purchases. Get your samples for yourself and sample all the great styles there are!

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