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Bejeweled Hints, Bejeweled Strategy, Moonstone, Phoenix Prism

If you’ve found the game Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, then it already may be too late. You might already be addicted to the one minute game play. I think addiction groups are still forming since the game isn’t that old but as long as you’re possibly already addicted to it, we might as well give you some tips and hints so that you can beat your friends, right?

The great thing about the game is that the more you play it, the better you get at it. You can quickly understand how it works but knowing some hints will help you get even farther, faster.

First of all, you need to get the multiplier gems if you want to get a high score. That’s very important. Explode 12 or more gems with 1 gem swap and you get a multiplier gem. Using flame gems and star gems make this easy because they get rid of a lot of gems at once – a lot!

You’ll also need to keep moving to get the speed bonus, which is also like a multiplier. If you go fast enough, you also get “blazing speed” mode. You can hear the fire crackling right as you’re about to get this. When you do, every matching gem swap explodes. The board changes quickly.

Bejeweled Strategy

Probably the best strategy is this. Do a gem swap and then immediately look to another part of the game board that won’t be affected by the current swap going on and make another gem swap. Do not wait to see what happens with the first swap. Keep going to different, unaffected parts of the board to make new swaps. Don’t think about it too much, just do it.

Hidden Moonstone Gem

There is something called a moonstone gem (one of the Bejeweled Blitz rare gems) that’s hidden and very rare in the game. It is equal to the power of 3 star gems. It works at the very start of the next puzzle if you choose to spend 25,000 tokens to buy it.

Is the Bejeweled Blitz moonstone worth it? I don’t think so. 25k is too much to pay. Buy other power-ups instead.

I got the Moonstone Gem today and some screen shots are below. Here’s the text from the game:

Moonstone Gem Bejeweled

What a find! These glowing lunar fragments fall to Earth only once in a century. Harvest one to unleash three potent Star Gems in your very next game.


The Moonstone was successfully harvested in a flare of pale light. Click PLAY AGAIN to unleash the rare power of three Star Gems at the start of your very next game.

Phoenix Prism Gem

Another new gem / power up is the Phoenix Prism. It seems to work throughout the game and regenerates often. It’s like a wildcard gem that you can use to make a match with other near by gems of the same color. You have to use a little more imagination with it to picture in your head what it will match up with. The best move with a Phoenix prism would be to match it up with a Hyper Cube. It clears out the board for you and gives you a lot of points. At the end of the game, several bonuses are given as well.

If there’s one special rare gem to use (and pay for / use coins for) it’s this one, the Phoenix Prism gem!

What do you think about it? Leave some comments!

More Great Tips / Bejeweled Blitz Daily Spin

On Facebook, PopCap has been allowing everyone to do a slot machine type spin for some free coins daily. These coins are good for buying power ups, which can increase your score. If you’re consistent about doing it daily, then you can earn more rewards and coins. The top prize seems to be 1 million coins, which I actually got the other day. It’s great. So do it every day if you can.

If you really want to get better and beat your friends on Facebook, then check out this great book I found over at – it’s cheap and it helps!

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