All About Thigh High Socks

Thigh High Socks and Leg Socks Are Fun!

Thigh high socks are the perfect must-have accessory for the stylish trendsetter. Unlike subtle stockings or pantyhose, thigh high socks and leg socks are unique and add a comfortable punch to any outfit. For those looking to standout from the fashion crowd, this twist on the usual sock makes an impact.

These socks are such a great wardrobe enhancer because they can be adapted to suit any personality and lifestyle. They are extremely versatile, and can be mixed and matched with a variety of looks. When worn with a skirt they are flirty and cute, and they look sporty and sexy when worn with shorts. For those who value comfort, they are terrific for cold weather and can be layered under pants to keep the wearer snug even in the winter months.

More understated dressers can wear leg socks in a more reserved manner, wearing socks under flowy dresses or with high boots so they just peek out a little, adding an unexpected pop of color in a demure way.

For those who love color, these socks come in every shade and pattern imaginable. From stripes to brights to bold solids, there is certainly a hue to fit every taste and every wardrobe.

Garter Belts and Thigh Highs

Unlike classic stockings that are held up by uncomfortable and complicated garter belts, socks stay where they’re supposed to, without elastic or clips digging into legs. Socks can be worn all day for hours on end, without any discomfort. Because of the thicker sock material, there’s no chance of annoying and unsightly runs so common to stockings and pantyhose. It’s a great alternative and helps save money normally spent on multiple pairs of stockings.

For the individual who values style as much as comfort, thigh high socks are a great option. They add flair to a wardrobe, and can take an outfit from boring to bold.

History of Thigh High Socks

From the earliest times in history, socks were worn to warm the feet. During the 15th century socks were used to enhance personal style. This is when the first printed socks were designed. Later on people began to wear stockings in different lengths like below the calf, to the knee or thigh high. Let’s review a few reasons to wear them, which range from being practical to looking sexy.

Modern day socks have many colors and styles, patterns and looks. The thigh high or over the knee socks also have been recommended for conditions such as leg/ankle pain, leg/ankle swelling, sclerotherapy, chronic venous insufficiency, mild varicosities, varicose veins and for improving comfort during a long trip. They have a soft, non-restrictive stay put bands that keep the socks in place all day long.

Thigh High Compression Stockings

These thigh socks help promote better blood flow and circulation and relieve aching legs due to standing and sitting for long periods. These socks also prevent blood clots while you are healing. They also provide preventative, graduated compression for great feeling and healthy legs.

Different Styles of Thigh Highs

Some thigh socks can look ugly and feel awkward. Today they have a lacy style which looks great for dress or casual wearing. They are comfortable and yet remain breathable. Designed to increase the circulation, reduces varicosities, swelling and leg pain. Reinforced foot makes them easy to put on. You just need to pick the right size to wear. They come in small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large.

They have even come out with an open toe style. These are often preferable apparel to pantyhose. Physicians recommend that thigh highs as they have fewer tendencies to buckle behind the knee. They reduce fungi and bacteria. They even make it easier for women to use the bathroom. They have become very elegant and make women look beautiful.

The cost will vary on what you buy and where you buy them. You can get them at Wal-Mart, K-mart and other clothing stores. There are online websites as well that have a huge variety so you can price the items you want. Medical stores has them as well.

Not Just For Medical Reasons

These thigh highs are not just for medical reasons. Women buy these so they can have a very sexy look. They come in many different colors so you can match up to your clothing. You can wear them for sports, with panties, skirts, and shorts. A real beautiful pair is the black lace up. They have a racy crisscross lacing in the back. Whether you need them for medical reasons or just to create a great look, they can make you look and feel great.

Thigh High Socks for Girls

If you love wearing trendy fashions, you probably have an assortment of fun styles of socks and stockings. One new trend for girls is wearing the thigh high socks with short skirts. These socks are made of the same soft knit material you find in ankle socks and knee high socks. They have a comfort band at the top to hold them in place so you don’t need to worry that your socks will fall down as you dance or move about.

The best part about these socks is the assortment of colors and patterns they come in.

Colors and Patterns of Thigh High Socks

thigh-high-stockingsYou will find them in several striped patterns that create a fun look to any outfit. The black and white striped style can be worn with a black miniskirt and knit top for an evening out clubbing or a friendly nighttime get together. Some variations on this will have the stockings in black and gray or black and red stripes. There are also a few styles that are basically all white except for the three black bands around the top. These socks are also often worn in combination with exercise outfits to create a unique look and make the outfit fun to wear.

The thigh high socks also come in a lot of solid colors such as purple, red, green and yellow. There are also some with variations on the black stripe pattern where the socks will be colored in blue with an accent white stripe on them. These socks are also popular to wear with short shorts for a casual daytime look. They work well with a pair of sneakers, cut off jean shorts and a funky tee, to create a look that is truly your own. These particular socks can also be paired with boots and a short skirt to create an edgy look to your outfit.

Thigh Highs For Halloween

The black striped styles could also be used as an accessory item for a Halloween costume. Black and orange would be the perfect type of sock to wear with a funky witch outfit. You could also choose the same color in a pair of knee high socks if you want.

Buy Over the Knee Socks

You will find these stockings generally made of cotton or a cotton/polyester blend. They are comfortable to wear and appropriate for girls from pre-teen age into their twenties. For young girls the sock gives them a way to create a fun fashion look, while the older girls can use it as a flirty accessory.

You will find all of these great colorful sock items available at most department stores and specialty clothing boutiques. There are also many styles available through various merchants online. They also make a great gift item for girls that enjoy wearing fun and trendy clothing accessories.

Wearing Thigh High Stockings is Something All Girls Should Try

Thigh high stockings may seem daunting, but are really quite easy to wear. Unlike traditional pantyhose and other restrictive garments, stockings were made to be easy to remove as well as easy to use a restroom with them still on. You are probably wondering the difference between stockings, pantyhose, thigh highs, and all of these other terms that are being thrown around. The biggest thing you need to remember, is that depending on the country you are in, different words can mean different things.

In America and Australia, the term “stocking” can be interchanged with the word pantyhose. Pantyhose are referred to as tights in North America. So the difference between stockings and pantyhose is that pantyhose are more akin to a tight pair of pants or underwear, and stockings are more akin to really tight socks that in some cases go up all the way to your thighs.

Typically, when the word “thigh high” is used to describe stockings, they are referring to the kind of stockings that have an elastic band around them in the upper thigh area. Before we had thigh high stockings, garters were used to hold up stockings. You can see examples of this type of style in today’s lingerie. The clips that women wear that attach from the garter to the stockings held up the stockings. That is a more complex system than we have now. Now it couldn’t be easier.

How to Wear Thigh Highs

People wear thigh high stockings for many different reasons. Some wear them for a little bit of extra warmth. But the biggest reason people wear them is for fashion. Their are many types of stockings and many different types of materials they come in. One of the most popular types of stockings are fishnet stockings, where the legs look like they are covered in a tight “net” like fashion, hence the name fishnet. Stockings are made with all kinds of material from wool to nylon.

They are all very easy to put on. Just put them on like you are putting on a pair of socks. Pull them up until they are comfortable on your thighs and you are good to go. Thigh high stockings are a very sexy way to spice up an outfit and have health benefits as they help with blood circulation.

Don’t ever worry that you won’t know how to wear thigh high stockings. It couldn’t be more simple, whether you are using a garter or the elastic type.

Here’s a video with some ways on how to wear thigh high socks:

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